What Is Internship And What Are Its Benefits

Mostly all the college students are  pretty aware of this word and have heard it almost thousands of time. And now a day it is compulsory for all the students to complete their internship at the end of third year.

What is internship

It may be defined as the short term work experience gained by the student in the field of their interest or the field they are going to choose as their career. It provides a lot of information to an intern about the field and how the work goes in that company. Even if an individual is interested in being an entrepreneur  then also he should do an internship for few months so that he can get more knowledge about the ins and outs of the business and make his own new business more fruitful.

While doing an internship a student gets a chance to work under a supervisor  or an expert which provides them with more practical knowledge about the theories they have learned in their colleges, which makes the concepts more clear and easy.

What the main benefits of internship

Internship provides an enormous amount of knowledge to students in their field. In  the time you internship you can explore yourself more and achieve your goals of own learning or self learning .

Through the time of internship you can make contacts with more professional organization of that field ,can get a lot of research experiences. 


-career exploration 

While doing the internship you can get more information about that field and can whose rather that atmosphere suits you or not can you fit yourself in that environment and many more factors like that.

-leadership and skill development 

You can learn a number of skills while you are working as an intern in any company including your teamwork skills, communication skills and coordination skills . It will boost your confidence too. Their you can apply your idea you have learned through education till now.

-Networking and establishing mentors and references

Companies are always open to provide a lot of knowledge to their interns. There you can develop your own business network, get yourself mentors to advise you. There you can get knowledge to how to deal with the problem arises while working with the number of brains under one roof.

-Resume enhancement 

If you are thinking to work in a company after you graduation. With the knowledge you gained from the internship and the certificate you have with you will make more effect on interviewer as he knows he will not have to provide you the basic training and you are much aware with that environment. And many a times it happens that if you are good with your work you can get selected their only from your internship.


Why does a company needs intern 

Social media and new technologies is nothing for newly graduated students it seems like a piece of cake for them they can easily handle it.

New intern mean new brain with a lot of ideas which can make your business more healthier, even a company can learn a lot from them.

They are full with a lot of energy and you can channelise their energy in proper way and can achieve a lot.  

You can get an internship in almost all the metropolitan cities like you can do you internship in bombay, can do internship in delhi, can do internship in indore and many more cities