Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Online Writing

Nowadays most people and companies outsource their content writing jobs to bloggers and freelancers. If you have knowledge about at least one topic then you can find freelance writing jobs. Now I am going to share 20 different ideas to get writing jobs and opportunities.

  1. Join Freelance Article Writing Sites

There are several reputable articles writing freelancing sites on the internet. They are providing a dashboard where you can pick up the writing jobs directly. These sites work as a mediator and connect freelancer writers with clients. Sometimes sites send invitations to freelance writers by email to take the writing job. Here I am listing some Article Writing Job Sites:

  • iWriter –
  • HireWriters –
  • Textbroker –
  • Online Writing Job –
  • Content Runner –
  • WriterAccess –
  • Copify –
  • Freelance Writing –
  1. Bid on Article Writing Jobs

There are various websites having writing jobs such as Upwork, Guru and freelancers bid on the writing jobs. In the writing jobs, clients list their experience, portfolio and pricing to charge for the jobs. You have to bid with your proposal on the jobs and the job will be awarded to you when client accepts your bid. Then you can start writing and submit it for review. When client approves your work, you will get paid for this article. Here are some most reputable article bidding sites:

  • Freelancer –
  • Upwork –
  • PeoplePerHour –
  • Guru –
  1. Write for Revenue Sharing Sites

Many content-based sites allow writers to share articles on a specific topic. These websites make money from Google AdSense ads or other ads displayed alongside of the sidebar or within the content area. They also share the revenue to the article writers. The payments to the article writers depend on the website’s revenue share model. It is a good idea to share your articles to such popular and reputable sites:

  • HubPages –
  • InfoBarrel –
  1. Write for Your Own Blog

If you have the ability to write and share your creative ideas online with others, then create own blog and spread your creativity and make money from blogging. It you write quality informative and interesting content that people love then you can drive much traffic to your blog. There are several ways to earn money online from your blog that are:

  • Display online ads (Google AdSense recommended)
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Sponsored posts or guest posts on your blog
  • sale ad space in your blog

By selling physical or digital products or services (Article writing service, social media marketing, programming, web designing etc…)

  1. Offering writing service through microgig/micro job sites

You can create gigs by using some small online freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, SEOClerks, Gigbucks etc… These sites are also known as micro job or microgig sites. These microgig site allows bloggers or freelance writers to list their gigs with their details. The writer gets paid when a client orders your gig and you complete the task or providing the relevant service which is approved by client. I recommend to join Fiverr which is a very popular micro job platform for bloggers and writers that pays minimum $5 per each gig.


If you have knowledge in a particular topic and good grammar and spelling skills no doubt you can earn money from online writing, writing for your own blog or for others not matter. As you can see that I have only give the guaranteed 5 ideas to earn money online with online freelance writing.