Tips To Organically Increase Your App Installs

There is a term in App Marketing called as App store optimization. As the name implies, it refers to improving the play store search visibility for a Mobile App. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ASO allows users to see your app first and enable them to actually download and use it. However, it’s not the only method to increase organic visibility of an app.  As Mobile Apps continues to become popular, the pros at PromptBytes wanted to help you out to maximize your App visibility and installs by giving you a few tips. Let’s dive in and learn to master the art of getting more app downloads using some widely used tips. Shall we?

Tips on optimizing organic visibility and make people download your application

Not every person looks the application stores for applications. Most of the times, your users would want to google about your app and download the file directly from a site.  Consider users who may Google terms like:

  • Is there any app that helps me to better manage my passwords?
  • Is there an application that will help remind me to replace the tires, wiper sharp edges, brake cushions, and different parts on my vehicle?
  • Are there any applications that will enable me to follow every one of the spots I have visited out of town?
  • Can a versatile application help me catch and present my work travel costs?

On a side note, these queries won’t be asked by your users on App stores. Instead, your users are most likely to google them and look for answers through search. When they find the relevant answer, they can proceed to download the application (either by visiting the app store or through any third-party site). Here are some tips that will help you structure the organic traffic for your Application:

  • Use an optimized version of Title, description and review/ ratings – In order to lift your app’s ranking on search results, it’s important to do some keyword research and come up with a highly relevant and optimized version of Title and description of your app. You should know that these are some basics that are really important to increase your search visibility. Much like title and description, your app’s reviews and ratings will play a sound role in determining the popularity and organic presence of your app. The more are the reviews and ratings on the app stores, most likely your site will get up in the rankings.
  • Link your App store to the website – You can consider creating a separate landing page to link your App store profile or link it from the homepage. Either way, linking out is important as it makes your users find your app and download it. The main idea is to signal search engine that you have a web page which has higher authority than other web pages. Consider designing your landing page in a way that your users find it easily and download your app.
  • Associate your brand name to the links of your download page – It is a good practice to use your brand name along with the link to the App store download page as it will transfer greater link juice and authority to your website. This will make your website rank fast as compared to others. Often Big brands such as Amazon, AirBnB etc implements and get good success with this technique.
  • Let your app indexed – By making your app store page index, you will let your users know about your app when they search for your brand name or any relevant keywords associated with it. Moreover, app indexing let your users install the app in their phone by enabling deep links. This will increase the volume of Keywords and results associated with the brand name or the target keyword.
  • Use Word-of-mouth or influencer marketing to let everyone know about your app – Last but not least, you can use influencer marketing or word-of-mouth technique to increase the word about your app. If your app is a social app, consider keeping some highly influential people in loop and make them spread the word about your app. This not only will increase your app downloads but also gives signal to google about the authority and popularity of your app.
  • Update your app version regularly – Regular updation of app helps in improving authority within the app store and search engines. If need be, you should not shy away from taking feedback from your users and make changes in the version of the app accordingly.
  • As your users for reviews – Good reviews and ratings have a great impact on rankings. They are the secret sauce for you to increase your app rankings on app stores and search engines. On the flip side, bad reviews will only damage the ranking of your app thereby making users likely to uninstall the app. If you have an app with no reviews, chances are that your target audience won’t find it trustworthy and shy away from downloading it.  
  • Refer to your friends, families and colleagues – Referrals work like a charm, especially if they are from a friend or relative. Consider incorporating a feature in your app by using which your users can invite their friends, peers and families. Additionally, you can also give them something (for free) in return. Brands like Uber generally use this feature to offer a free ride to their users, when they invite others to their app. Guess what? They doubled their app installations within first week. Something like this can work in your favor too. Afterall, it’s the most convenient and simplest ways of acquiring users and increasing app installs.
  • Implement paid ads to improve clickthrough rate – Paid ads require money to work but they can largely contribute to the success of app installs. They can also improve your website clickthrough rate which, otherwise, is an important ranking factor for google. Utilize the power of ppc and adsense to display your ads and get your users click on the app store link.
  • Increase high quality back link and SEO to increase app installs – Backlinks are the key to rankings, especially if they are from highly authoritative sites. In order to increase ranking for mobile-first, promote your app store listing and try to spread the word about your app. A rule of thumb is to obtain the domain strength by getting backlinks from high DA sites. This will improve your rankings in Search Engine.


Above mentioned are some tried and tested tips that will organically increase visibility of your app thereby increasing the number of downloads.