The Ultimate Way Of Getting Quality Free Backlinks

Despite Google’s numerous claims to reduce the weight of backlinks in its SEO algorithm, many factual studies also show that the quantity and quality of backlinks of a niche site remain the primary criterion for effectively referencing a niche site/web page. And SEO experts know it perfectly and work hard to build up effective ways to boost the quantity and quality of backlinks with their sites or those of their customers.

We will concentrate on a single technique, validated and tested, and take time to present it in its various phases. Let’s go.

THE FIRST STEP: Create a summary of bloggers

To all or any honour, why don’t we start by stating that people discovered this technique by reading a great post from Milkshake (unfortunately in British)? We relied upon this article to create ours.

You have just published articles and also you start promoting it. You’ve made your time and effort, your article is perfectly written, very organized, abundant with information and you also think they have good potential. Your desire? Get a lot of backlinks! Suppose it immediately: if you begin promoting your articles only after it’s released, it’s too past due. It might sound strange, but promoting content is a lot easier when you include advertising in the writing process when you don’t wait for this article to be released to take into account promotional techniques. It really is upon this observation just a little unusual that the technique that we will show to you is situated. In this specific article, we will discuss promoting an article by email.

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All too often, the promotion of the content by email includes sending, following the publication of this article, a note of the sort: “I found that you wrote on such subject. That’s good, I published articles on a single theme. It flawlessly complements yours very well. I assure you it is great and really invites you to take a peek. This is actually the hyperlink: [Hyperlink] ». I’m barely exaggerating. At La Fabrique, we’ve already received a huge selection of feedback of the type… Clearly, this is not the type of approach we are going to talk about. Because let’s not pretended, it generally does not work. For just one simple reason: Individuals you contact have no idea you about Eve or Adam. Your email falls in the center of nowhere. There is certainly little chance that the recipients of your promotional email messages will make the time and effort to learn articles whose quality is not assured. In addition individuals, you contact usually get a large number of such email messages per month or a week even. This isn’t how you’ll get their attention.

The process of fabricating content (from the study phase to the promotion, through the writing phase) must serve a particular purpose. The writing of this article must provide this purpose. Additionally, it is because of this that advertising must prepare yourself before publication. Advertising is not the icing on the wedding cake. It is in the center of your articles creation process. How come content created?

To create qualified organic traffic on the site/blog

To create relationships with other content creators in the same niche as you.

The technique we present is directly related to the next objective. It is upon this goal that people will concentrate on this specific article. We’ve already written a great deal about the first goal: see all our articles on SEO. Certainly, the goals of article marketing are not limited by the two that people have just outlined. You are able to create content to provide a product, to produce a buzz, to create leads (white documents, ebooks …), to give food to its reputation as a specialist, to build up its reputation. Etc. Etc. But these goals, for many people, are secondary. The principal goal is the era of organic traffic.

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It will also be noted that both objectives aren’t exclusive of every other. You are able to write articles to build associations while being careful about SEO.

Taking into consideration the promotion before diving headlong into the writing of this article can guide the writing process, the position used, the structure of this article, etc. This greatly facilitates the advertising of this article by email.

Does this article need to be by means of a list (of advice, tools, etc.)? These materials have the reputation to lend themselves easier to the advertising, to become more easily distributed. That is very mainly true. Although this isn’t a required condition, by using this article format helps along the way we will describe.

The technique we will introduce, you shall understand, is to get hold of content creators in your industry and also to seek to determine a genuine relationship with them. Finally, the “ultimate” goal is to get backlinks from these folks. That’s what it’s about. But to do this effect, there’s a good way to go.

With this thought, in the first message you will send to influencers/bloggers/ content creators:

Make them react to your meaning, you are answered by them. The first message must initiate a dialogue. It can be used to begin a conversation.

Prove that you are someone who understands how to create in French and who’s in a position to deliver what she promised promptly.

Deliver value to individuals you contact.

List items make it simpler to fulfil these goals. For instance, you can people in your list. This facilitates the contact (“I really like what you do, we’ve integrated you inside our list!”) And allows to provide a concrete value: a backlink.

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To present the technique in its different levels, we begin from a good example presented by Milkshake. This method is dependant on the advertising of articles by PandaDoc list the best weblogs on the theme of sales.

In each step, remember that the main element is never to create the best content on the planet, but to activate in a conversation with target people, to provide value to them and also to prove that you are someone one of reliable.

Identify weblogs to contact

The first rung on the ladder in this technique to getting backlinks is to recognize the blogs to get hold of. You must focus on blogs locally of activity. To find sites, you have several options. It might be too much time to present all of them. Among the simplest methods is to … use Google and search for articles listing weblogs in your field. That’s articles like “Top 30 Best Sites on Digital Marketing”. After that you can, to visit further, use a tool like Ahrefs. How? By keying in the names of the domain you entirely on Google and looking for contending domains on Ahrefs (by simply clicking “Contending domains” in the remaining menu).

In his example, PandaDoc recognized and listed 90 blogs. Nevertheless, you can accept about thirty websites. Once you’ve your set of blogs, execute a batch evaluation by copying and pasting all the names of the domain in Ahrefs. This will provide you with a concept of the recognition and reputation of every blog.

Backlink quality ahrefs batch analysis

Utilize the Ahrefs (DR) ranking to rank the weblogs in your spreadsheet. To visit faster, duplicate and paste the DR column straight into your record. Some tips about what your list should appear to be:

Backlink quality spreadsheet

No matter if your list contains little known or recent sites. But of course, you must first concentrate on big fish, people that have the best rating, because their backlink is by description more valuable. Classifying weblogs predicated on their rating will help you to identify instantly the websites which to spend the most commitment.

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Find the bloggers’ contacts

You must find then, for every blog, the right person to get hold of and the e-mail address of the person. That is certainly an essential step. Requesting the right person to get hold of in another or 4th reminder email is obviously not the right solution. In this full case, the right person to get hold of is this content supervisor. To find this person, there are two possible ways:

Go directly to the blog and identify the most prolific writer.

Use Linkedin.

If you choose the first option, still want to check up on LinkedIn that the individual continues to be working on your blog and is actually the right person. If this is actually the case, add the true name of the contact in your list. But this first method works only half enough time. Blog articles aren’t always authorized and sometimes there is absolutely no real writer who sticks out by the quantity of his creation. For this good reason, the next method is usually the only 1 possible. It’s very simple. Just go directly to the “business” web page of your blog involved an appearance at the list of individuals who work there.

Backlink quality LinkedIn

Make an effort necessary for this task. You should be almost certain, for every blog, you have the right contact. That is necessary to the success of the method. Your spreadsheet now provides the name of most connections.

Backlink quality spreadsheet 2

All you need to be left, if you can say, is to retrieve the e-mail address of most these contacts. You should use an instrument like Voila Norbert. We present other techniques inside our article entitled ” The artwork of locating the email of your focus on “. Some tips about what your spreadsheet should appear to be now:

Backlink quality spreadsheet 3

We are able to now go to stage 2.

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SECOND STEP: Contact bloggers by email

This task is the central stage of the technique. You will need to speak to all the bloggers you determined in the first step. In every the email messages you send, never lose view of the goals presented at the start of the article: get a remedy from your connections, show that you will be reliable and who are able to write French, offer you trustworthiness, deliver value, “offer” something.

The first email

Your first email must contain three important elements:

  1. You need to present your business/blog that you are writing.
  2. Make a little ask for, without creating friction, to activate your associates and cause them to become enter dialogue with you.
  3. Suggest to them that you did some small research upstream, that you been employed by your message.

This is actually the first email sent by PandaDoc to market his article:

Backlink quality email prospecting


Hi, there [Contact’s name], Tag the PandaDoc to last! I’m creating an enormous article for the PandaDoc blog that lists the best weblogs that offer with sales. Normally, I’ll include [Name of the blog]. I’m contacting you because for every blog on the list, we want to include a couple of things and I’ll need you for them.

An introduction of several sentences where you present [Name of the blog] with your personal words.

The hyperlink of your very best content. Your article on [Article] is one particular that I came across especially interesting, but I needed to see with you if you’d other articles centered on sales or resources that you think suitable.

Many thanks [Name of the contract], you execute congrats, continue, I’m looking forward to your return!


Mark Lindquist


This is a good example case of the first email. Thus giving a good notion of where to go. The demonstration of your organization/blog shouldn’t surpass one phrase or two maximum. By negatives, want to put the hyperlink to your site. It’s important that you require something simple, that will not require too much work. In cases like this, requesting an explanation of your blog in two lines shouldn’t require much work from connections. This message is also successful for the reason that it includes something to the connections, something really interesting to them. Alone, talking about contact in this article won’t generate a lot of traffic. But supplying a connect to content that the contact desires to promote is absolutely a good notion.

This message serves another purpose to show that you did some research upstream, that you worked hard. Why? Because Tag quotes a particular article, in cases like these articles that worked well perfectly. He will need to have used BuzzSumo or a tool of the kind to recognize him. By getting an email of this kind, bloggers are obviously encouraged to respond and actively get involved. Simply informing them that they can appear in this article is insufficient in itself. Tag manages to exceed, welcoming these to positively take part in the creation of this content. Bloggers committed to writing this article will talk about this article a lot more easily once it is released. This process has another benefit: it gives you to outsource a few of the writing work!

The recovery emails

In the exemplary case of PandaDoc, the response rate to the first email was 40%. The response rate to reminder email messages (delivered to those who didn’t react to the first email) was 30%. To attain the rest of the 30%, PandaDoc made a decision to address other folks in the business by creating another prospecting email. It is recommended not to wait around more than two times to send the first increase. Indeed, if contact will not respond to an initial email after 36 hours, it is either that he didn’t answer, or that he designed to do but forgot. In any full case, you have to restart. The first reminder email doesn’t have to be very long. 3 phrases are enough. Get back the thread of the first email. Your reminder email must be an expansion of the first email. Keep in mind what you expect from your connections.

This is actually the reminder email delivered by Tag from PandaDoc:

Backlink quality follow-up email


Hello [Contact First Name], Merely to remind you that I’d like to receive your contribution to this article on the top-selling blogs to check out.

All we are in need of is two or three 3 phrases describing your site and a web link to your very best content so that people can incorporate it into our article.

Hoping to listen to from you, do not think twice to get hold of me if you have any questions!

Yours truly,

Mark Lindquist


If some contacts still do not react to this first increase, send another email. The next increase must be very brief. Aim a couple of sentences, forget about. At this true point, your connections are determined that it generally does not interest them and they won’t react, either they are extremely occupied or have overlooked. In the second option case, they just need just a little help! No need to clarify them all again. This is actually the exemplary case of PandaDoc:

Backlink quality email relaunch

Translation :

Hello, I informed myself it was not ineffective to remind you one final time, inform me if you want to donate to the article!

Mark Lindquist


Change recipients if reminders do not work

As stated above, Tag de Pandadoc made a decision to change his method of reach the 30% of connections who didn’t bite the hook. This process consisted, for every blog that didn’t react to the invitation, to attempt to contact someone else: another content supervisor, the marketing director (the manager of the first contact), or even straight the creator / CEO blog (whether it’s a little blog …). Unlike what one might think, getting in touch with someone higher in the business chart can be quite effective. As the people involved will never be the ones who’ll get the job done. If they’re thinking about your proposal, a term will suffice to entrust the task to a person under their responsibility. More, locating the contacts of the people is usually fairly simple (using LinkedIn). When you yourself have made the next list, you can do it again the same series of emails.

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Once the connections have responded

Once we said, it’s likely that nearly all connections will react to your communications because your demand is fairly simple and the power to your connections is obvious. Whenever your connections answer you, send them a fresh message. In that one :

  • Begin by thanking them.
  • Designate when do you want to publish this article?
  • Tell them that you’ll send them this article section for his or her blog before posting this article, to check on and suggest changes if indeed they wish.

This is exactly what Tag Lindquist of Pandadoc did:

Backlink quality email increase 2


“Thank you quite definitely [Contact Name], it’s perfect! We wish to publish this article by the end of Feb. I’ll send you the precise date when it’ll be set as well as the hyperlink of this article when it’ll be ready. Thanks a lot again and an incredibly good week for you! “

A few days prior to the publication, Tag delivered this email to invite the connections to check this content of this article:

Backlink quality pre-publish email


“Hello there [First name of the contract], I am hoping your start of week proceeded to go well! As I informed you the other day, we prepared to create this article on Wednesday. I needed to send you your text message to ensure everything was Okay working for you before publishing this article.

You will see below your section. I share the attachment file for you to be able to more easily make your changes if necessary.

Many thanks [Contact’s name], cannot wait to reunite and start to see the article released! “

You now have done a great deal of work. You have been able to speak to a large number of bloggers as well as your article is preparing to be released. Using the last steps, you’ll be able to attain the last objectives of the procedure: build human relationships with influencers/bloggers over time, drive traffic to your website and get free backlinks!

THIRD STEP: Manage post-publication steps

You have just published this article. When it is performed, notify the connections who’ve lent themselves to the overall game by sending them a contact. Invite them to talk about the article. This is actually the email delivered by Tag Lindquist:

Backlink quality email post-publication


“This article is posted! You can read it here. Feel absolve to inform me if you would like to make any last changes to your section. We’d be happy if you talk about this article to your visitors on internet sites.

Thank you quite definitely for your cooperation! “

The next thing is to provide your contacts with a guest article. This is actually the most reliable and the wisest solution. Requesting your contacts to add one of your links within an already released article can be a little scary. It’s a little too immediate and downright dangerous. Inviting them to keep in mind you when they post their next articles is just a little dangerous too. The “visitor article” solution is the best. Because again, you offer something to them: you propose them to create articles for the website. It’s also a means that you should build your reliability with your connections and deepen the partnership – provided your visitor article is of high quality. The asked article could possibly be the first rung on the ladder towards further partnerships.

To apply this system, Tag Lindquist created a series of two email messages.

The first email

With this email, you must do 5 things:

  1. Flatter your connections. Thank them once more for collaborating in the creation of this article and its advertising.
  2. Identify common floor, show that your site and theirs distribute articles on similar topics.
  3. Suggest creating a guest article on the blog.
  4. Suggest to them your skills by sending them the hyperlink to 3 of your very best articles.
  5. Show them another step if indeed they acknowledge your proposal.

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Here’s how Tag achieved it:

Backlink quality email article invites


“Hi there [First name of the contact], Thanks a lot again for your involvement in creating this article at the top offering sites. The echo of this article and the extent of the reactions they have aroused is because of you.

I’m contacting you today because I pointed out that your site [Name of the blog] hosted visitor articles. If you’re interested, the PandaDoc team would be happy to write articles as a contributor.

We write long articles (1,200 – 1,500 words) on lots of the topics that your editorial division handles, and specifically articles to help sales managers better manage their groups and setup procedures to increase sales. Below are a few of our recent articles:

[Link 1]

[Link 2]

[Link 3]

If you’re interested, I possibly could send you ideas for articles. It might be with pleasure. Thanks a lot again for all of your help [Contact’s name] and getting excited about working together!

Thank you,



The stimulus email

An excellent email internet marketer never sends a contact without providing a reminder email for contacts who do not react to the first. The stimulus email never must be lengthy. We help you to send it two times following the first email (and then contacts who’ve not clarified the first, of course). This is actually the email suggested by Tag Lindquist:

Backlink quality guest post-follow-up


Hello there [Contact’s name],

An instant reminder merely to remind you that I’d like to donate to your [Blog Name] blog by writing a visitor article. Inform me if you are interested. I could send you some ASAP subject ideas.

This method so you can get backlinks is more demanding and requires some investment on your part. However, the profits on return will probably exceed your anticipations. It creates it possible to generate contacts with several important bloggers, to get notoriety, to acquire backlinks via asked articles and also to forge partnerships in the long-term with the digital stars in your sector. To look further, we recommend reading our full article on this is and good methods of Visitor Blogging.