The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Growing Your Blog With Pinterest

Did this ever happen with you, focusing only on one option whereas the other has much benefits and potential for you? Even if it doesn’t happen before, this might be the first time for you. Talking about social media platforms, mostly the first preference is given to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But Pinterest is also maintaining standards to take part in the race with other platforms.

Digital Marketing has really turned into the money making market, the only obvious thing you need for your blog or business is stability. But it’s a harsh truth which you should digest as early as possible that the digital market is attracting new marketers and businesses at a very high rate. Yes, there are several steps to generate traffic, but all are known to everyone. However, in the case of social media platforms there is an outstanding option, not so popular as compared to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but raising awareness day by day, called Pinterest.

Although, Pinterest struggled in the market till 2012 after that people used to admired it. With only 8 years of marketing experience, achieving the worth of more than 5 billion USD by 2018, Pinterest has become one of the fastest billion-dollar company in this short time period. Pinterest has 125 million+ monthly active users and still, this graph is increasing rapidly. There is no doubt that you should take your stance Pinterest too.

To getting started with Pinterest you should sign up with a business account over a personal account. Now, you might be wondering “What is the difference between these two accounts?”, which is an obvious question. In short, business account let you open all your hands all the over Pinterest. Some of the basic benefits are listed below-

  1. Pinterest Analytics.
  2. New updates
  3. Rich pins
  4. Different terms and service
  5. and many more…

You can start Pinterest now, by signing up the business account through

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Thinking about, “how I can kickstart in Pinterest even as a beginner?”– Don’t worry.

Here are the easiest but ultimate steps to start with-

how I can kickstart in Pinterest even as a beginner

1. Great visuals are likely to be widely spread.

Pinterest is all about focusing on great pins. Over 75 billion pins have been posted till now. To stand apart and make your pins visible the very primary task is, suitable images compared to pins should apply.  The lifestyle images are more likely to admired than images of any particular object. If you are unable to take quality photos or not having prior knowledge of image editing software, there are several websites (like,, etc.) which really provides good quality of images.

Build a brand by including more people to the community. Take the emails of visitors coming through the pins.

6 web visitors come along, on an average pin. Isn’t this a great number? Here, you should wisely use the visitor’s data for further benefits. A brand’s value is only measured by its number of audience. Build a list of all the visitors (coming through the pins). Now send them every update of your blog or business personally. A decent amount of emails will really depict that how much you care and want to help them.

This is one of the best, yet valuable method to build trust. Unfortunately, many bloggers are unaware of this trick.

2. Do good and the best will happen, A small help of competitors will make them happy and you even happier.

You should always keep in mind that Pinterest is a social media platform. Don’t just only post pins and pins, this really indicates a rude behavior of you among the community. Show some engagement towards others, save their pins, repin their pins. In fact, helping others is a noble deed. There are many practical profits for adopting this habit. A visitor which might have noticed you encouraging others will definitely have his visit towards your pins, it also gains the authentication and loyalty of a brand. Moreover, you can ask desirable favor from your competitor which in most of the cases they can’t resist. But at last, remember you are doing this thing just to show engagement don’t make the scenario opposite by over engagements.

3. Create more visualization to the audience through paid promoting pins.

Pinterest also facilitates us to post the promoted pins, which can also be in the form of videos. It’s human psychology, images are better than text and videos are better than images. Remember, videos are only used in the topic of DIY, how to’s, and if you have a unique product or a way to use particular things. It proofs very helpful in pins which need more attention or includes complex steps. Always shoot video in bright contrast as they gave a clear vision with a sort of positivity. Make sure that the logo of your brand is visible at the beginning of the video, it will make people remember your brand. In the beginning, keep it really experimental, choose a few pins which are suitable for video form, and give a try. Later on, track the types of pins which goes viral make more people’s engagement or other analytical factors

4. Description has its own importance.

The description of a pin is another big tricky concept. The description should be well keyword researched (SEO friendly), as your pins will be more visible in searches. Keep in mind simple and easy words should be selected, use of jargons is strictly prohibited as it’s not necessary everyone knows the meaning of specific terms.  Describe what really a pin contains, don’t make people fool by adding false or unnecessary information.

5. The only way to win a long race is consistency. Follow your Pinterest schedule by heart.

No matter how much tricks and techniques you may apply, everything will be of no use if you didn’t follow them continuously. The two components of trust and loyalty are the number of followers and the time being spent. Unfortunately, the time spent has no alternative or secret. But, the consistent efforts will surely result in more followers within less period of time. It is to be considered that posting daily one pin is a quite engaging way. So, make great visual pins!

To overcome your burden don’t just post all your pins in one go, it will only lead to wastage of many pins, rather post them one by one every day.

The right time has come, predicted the future of online blogging or business is really bright. Surely, Pinterest is a significant way to climb more stairs towards the path of ‘online success’. The main advantage of Pinterest is that numbers of followers are not everything, your pins can get many visits through searches also. These steps are the ultimate steps to build your presence on Pinterest and, with so much ease that you as a beginner also, can start from their first pins.

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Don’t be panic if your first few pins didn’t get that much appraisal. The half period of an average pin is 3.5 months, which is a great thing. So, have faith in yourself and start doing!