The 5 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is globally celebrated as a time to celebrate love. This is the time to exchange gifts and show appreciation to those who are close to you. It does not necessary mean lover or partner, but also your mum, dad, siblings, or even close friends who have always been there for you. Valentine’s Day celebration is not only an important day for lovers and loved ones but also for retailers who want to mint some heavy cash from Valentine’s Day offers, Valentine’s Day flowers and other gifts to mark this special occasion.

Although there are many types of products and services that are offered on this day, there are few that are regarded as important and make greater statements than others. This post is dedicated to those who want leave a lasting impression to their loved ones as they celebrate this romantic day. I will give you 5 of the most popular valentines gifts available to sweep your spouse off their feet. Read on for more information.

Like any other occasion Valentine’s Day is full of merry and fuss. It creates a challenge mostly for us men and we are required to rise to the occasion. This day is crucial for us as it can either make or break our relationships. You don’t want to fall on the list of “the dumbest Valentine’s Day gift of all time”. And with the entire buzz on the social media after this day, it can really be depressing. On spending Valentine’s Day follows Christmas, with over 13,290,000,000 spent on gifts. So with no farther ado, here are 5 Valentine’s Day gifts that you can’t go wrong with.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Candy

First on my list is the heart shaped chocolate candy. Seriously speaking what is valentines without this cute, delicious, heart shaped candy? This is the most popular gif for Valentine’s Day and will continue to be no matter how cliché it looks. They account for 48% of gifts shared during this special occasion. Originally, they were created by John Cadbury in 1822. To spoil your special ones this valentines, give heart shaped chocolate candy that have conversations engraved on them.

This will surely live a statement in their hearts. To show you just popular they are, about 8 billion conversation heart shaped candies were produced and sold last year on Valentine’s Day. These fun-filled chocolates hold a special place for the ladies and you can’t go wrong with them. For us men… well, a simple box of chocolate will do, but since this is their special day, let them rule.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Flowers speak volumes on any occasion and Valentine’s Day is not left out. The color for the day is red and therefore flowers should follow suit.  The red rose is mostly recommended for this occasion. An average of 200 million roses are produced and sold each year to mark this special occasion. These flowers are usually bought by men to gift to their loved ones. As I said, women rule on this day, so men let’s just submit.

Key things to consider when choosing Valentine’s Day flowers are arrangements and price. Cheap, shady flowers are a turn off for most women and fall in the most disappointing Valentine’s Day gift after cheap underwear. So men please save yourselves the embarrassment on social media and get her the expensive flowers she wants. After all it’s only for that day. Heart shaped flower bouquets are suggested on this occasion, and don’t forget to order then from a professional flower delivery service that knows what it’s doing.

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Sending a greeting card is another superb way show your affection on this special day. They are perfect since they allow you to express yourself vividly in writing. Greeting cards are also available in many different shapes, sizes, and texture. This will entirely depend on how deep your pockets are. Custom designed cards can also be made with a simple poem to charm your recipient. You can add a picture of both of you to complement the deep words of love you have written.

Cards are also good as they accommodate everyone regardless of their age. You can send a greeting card for your first Valentine’s Day or your 30th. Kids can also exchange these lovely cards with their friends to show their affection. You can choose to accompany your card with a box of chocolate or flowers if your pockets allow. If you stay far apart from each other, a simple card will do. Remember, it is the gesture that counts.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend and you can’t go wrong with them during this special occasion, provided they are not cheap. Trust me, they know how to tell. Jewelry is also available in variety and versatility. So you can find the perfect jewelry for your spouse. You may not know jewelry symbolize what she is worth in your life. Again it all boils down to the depth of your pocket. Don’t sweat it if you can’t afford it and just settle for simple gifts like flowers that also leave a lasting impression.

It’s also available in many shapes and colors too so you can be sure to find one that fits her perfectly. You can go for a simple watch, earrings, necklace, and even a bracelet. Just know your partners choice and preference and you can’t go wrong. For rings, a heart shaped one will do and if you are going for the earrings make sure that they are dangling. Get a round shaped pair, made from gold or silver.

Going Out as a Valentine’s Day Gift

If you decide to treat you lover by taking them out, ensure that you are both comfortable with it. This will totally depend on how long you’ve been together. If you just starting out, you should avoid serious dinner dates if you intend to make your relationship work. You can buy a few snacks and drinks and go out for a picnic or hiking if you are both physically fit. Attending cooking classes is also a good way to spend your Valentine’s Day evening. Since you don’t know one another well enough, cooking will help you break the ice.

For those who are officially an item, and you are well acquainted with each other, a karaoke night will serve you well. Sing together your favorite song as you reminisce of the old days when you started going out. You can also make an early booking in a fancy hotel to enjoy a nice, hot, fancy meal. No matter what you decide get someone as a Valentine’s Day gift; ensure that you surpass their expectation. Do your best according to how well of you are financially. As much as actions speak louder than words, they should not jeopardize your financial status and leave you bankrupt.