That Perfect Home: Things To Remember While Decorating Your Home

Weather its about moving in a house with your family, moving in a small apartment with your significant other or just moving out for college, every house needs a touch of love to be a Home.

I call this touch of love: home decor, every small, personal touch you put in your house takes it a step closer to being a home. You can opt to do it yourself or you can get professional help for the interior design of your personal space.

There are a few things that people ignore when it comes to interior designing, here’s a few tips that you should to keep in mind while making yourself a home:

1 .Keeping it well lit:

I’ve noticed this many times, people tend to use lesser amount of lights in their houses which make them look dull and untouched. Of course, everyone has their own preferences about how lit they want their space to be, so using the dimmer switches for lights is very efficient in this situation. Your home will be well lit and you can also have a candle light dinner in the romantic dim lights. *wink wink*

2. Keeping it light:

Owning a small apartment, could be a disaster when you have a lot of things you want to keep. The more things you add, the smaller the apartment looks, a simple trick to make your rooms look bigger is by painting the wall with light colours, maybe soft shades of grays, yellows and oranges, pink. You’ll have a perfectly big-small apartment.

3. Keeping it clutter-free:

We all have those things that we never use but keep because we don’t want to throw them away. But honey, we gotta do what we gotta do, throw those extras away or donate them. Clearing and taking out that clutter will give you more space, and a tidy look that’ll make you feel good.

4. Keeping it comfy:

Sometimes we tend to go for the furniture that just looks good, but then it turns out that they  are not that comfy. *Ugh!! Annoying right!?* So when you go to buy new furniture don’t forget to sit or lay on it to check if it’s comfy enough. *even if gets a little embarrassing hehe* Also make  sure that the furniture you buy is just the perfect size for your home, and set it up so it’s not too  congested and not too far apart.

5. Keeping it clean:

It is said that keeping your surroundings clean keeps your mental and physical health in check. So, all those antiques, weather tiny or large, clean them up! Cuz clean stuff is also cute and beautiful stuff.

6. Keeping it enclosed:

I don’t know about you but I tend to hide some mess up when guests come over.*queue awkward silence* Even to “hide” these thing you have to have beautiful containers, after all, not all beds have spaces under them. Using wicker baskets or strong rope baskets that can be converted into sitting stools can be really handy. just stack those wicker baskets up in drawer-style or make stools out of rope baskets, no one will even know.

7. Keeping it patterned:

Instead of keeping your walls plain, go for different patterns like terrazzo or florals or geometric on one of the walls. This’ll add some funk to your home without being too much. Maybe even just draw something beautiful on your wall.

8. Keeping it accessorized, just enough:

We’ve already established, a cluster of patterns and antiques can make your home look congested, and bare walls can look dull. Putting up a few frames of patterns or photographs in a well set manner will give your walls an effect, that’ll make you awe.

A little tweak here and a little tweak there, that’s all it takes. And knowing what is it that you want for your home is just cherry on the top.

I bet you got the perfect idea of how your home decor and interior design would be, and I hope I helped out a bit. Make it cute, make it funky, make it a home, you got this.

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