Stunning Traditional Home Interior Featuring Modern Style

If you are looking for any great idea on renovating and renewing a traditional home, this beautiful Spruce Street residence may be a good one for you. Located in one of historical neighborhoods in Philadelphia, thus this building shall preserve its original and traditional design. But, the Moto Designshop successfully doing both preserving the original design while transforming the interior to be modern. Contrasting the rustic exterior, the interior is designed in minimalist style that encompasses the bright and airy nuance for better lighting and air circulation.

Walking into the living room of this beautiful traditional home, you will find a bright and airy room due the use of white paint along with the transparent glass for windows and doors which will allow the light to come into the room. The light nuance allows you to save more money during the day as well, which will help you in reducing the monthly expenses. That’s such an interesting feature, right? The room itself is equipped with furniture in darker shade, such as the dark brown sofa which will make this room appears cozier.

Moving to the contemporary dining room, the wooden dining set stands out easily in this bright and light space. The dark wooden tone looks really lovely, thus making this space appears really inviting as well. It is like saying: Would you really want to miss the family dinner time within this cozy space to enjoy the delicious meals prepared with 100% love? And from this dining space, you can notice the simple and minimalist yet gorgeous details on the handrails of the staircase as well.

As to make the small kitchen appears larger and spacious, the you can see the practical use of minimalist interior design along with proper furniture arrangement for this beautiful traditional home interior. By maximizing the wall spaces available for the wall shelves as well as placing the cabinet by the walls, you can see more space available in the corner of the room. Along with the bright and white interior, the final look is ergonomic yet spacious kitchen for happy cooking time. And don’t you think the gorgeous wooden tone on the cabinet and shelves are really eye-catching?