Smart Tips For A Killer Sourcing Strategy In Hiring

Companies who are into entry level recruitment see hiring quality candidates as a top priority. Recruiting a suitable candidate for a job profile is the key to any company's growth as newbies of today will turn into managers of tomorrow. In today's highly competitive hiring market, it has become imperative for a Recruiter to come up with a result-oriented strategy to hire the kind of candidates his company is looking for.

We have compiled a list of problems Recruiters face while hiring top talent and also the solution for the same. So let's get into it:

1. Strategize your sourcing plans


This is the first step to sourcing talented candidates in an efficient way. Sit and be liberal in spending time to understand the job requirements, and then come up with candidate personas that suit those job requirements.

The best way to create a good candidate persona is by clearly mentioning the traits, skill-set and academic proficiency that contribute towards an ideal employee. Having set up a precise candidate persona, you can use it as a reference while interviewing the candidates.

2. Know about the job openings

know about the job openings

Before you go out looking for talented candidates, it is advisable to gain complete insights about the job opening. You can also schedule a meeting with a member of the senior management to make sure you are on the right track.

3. Brand yourself as an employer


Marketing your company as a brand always acts like a viable hiring solution that is effective at the same time. Research says better employer branding is attributed to increased recruitments in the process of talent assessment. Candidates are more attracted to be a part of a company which is better positioned in the market and where they feel is a good head start for their career.

4. Leverage Social Media

social media

One effective way to develop employer branding is social media. Instagram has recently joined the list as a great platform to developing a good employer brand.

Social media is also helpful at enabling sources to streamline their hunt and spot talented job seekers in real quick time. Some famous social media platforms which you can use for employer branding are:

•  LinkedIn – A platform where candidates and professionals can connect with each other as well as share their job experiences. Job seeking candidates can also use LinkedIn to connect with recruiters.

• HireMee – one of the most rapidly growing Online Assessment Platforms and job board that educates candidates to become job-ready and offers recruiters with a pool of job-ready candidates (4 lac+).

•  Facebook – no scarcity of job-seeking candidates

•  Twitter- You can search, chat and list out potential candidates

5. Let AI make it easy for you


Source job-ready candidates from online pre-employment testing platforms. They use artificial intelligence (AI) which provides both automation and accuracy.

Artificial intelligence uses advanced technological methods to search for candidates whose skill-set are in high proximity to your job requirement. This not only betters the hiring numbers but also decreases the time to hire and cost per hire.


One thing to note here is that no two sourcing strategies are the same and there is no universal sourcing strategy which can be applied for all job openings. Understand what job requirements your company has, come up with a sourcing strategy and implement the above-mentioned points to get the optimum results.