PHP Or Ruby, Which Is The Better Web Development Solution?

As being a business owner, if you are planning to get into web development, then one of the things that you must have come across is a programming language. It is used in computer programming to implement algorithms. Basically, it is the language, that is used to develop web applications.

PHP is the most popular language used to develop websites. It is used widely for web development. Other than this, there are many languages that are used to develop web apps. One of them is Ruby, and it has always been a matter of debate, which one out of PHP and Ruby is the better option for web development. So for your consideration, today, I will discuss PHP or Ruby, which is a better web development solution. You may choose either you want to go for Ruby or want to go for PHP by hiring an expert PHP development company as per your business requirements.

So, let us get started with differences:


Ruby-It is an object-oriented scripting language and was written in C language, interpreted as a programming language to use for web applications at a high pace. It is an expressive and readable language.

PHP- It is written in C and C++ languages. Its code can be embedded into HTML and used as the server-side scripting language. It is known to be robust and simple.


Ruby- It has a framework named as Rails.

PHP- It has got some really famous frameworks for web development like Laravel, Zend, etc. PHP frameworks have their own identity in the market.

Applications and Development:

Ruby- It is used to develop both the web and desktop applications. Therefore, development is quite difficult in Ruby, as compared to PHP. Applications developed using Ruby are expensive, complex to host and very time-consuming. In, this language, statement terminators are used as newline terminator. It comes with features like dynamic typing and duck typing, flexible syntax, inheritance, lexical closures, overloading, exceptional handling, and more. This language can also be written with HTML language in scripts.

PHP- It is globally used for the development of web applications and development is easier. PHP applications are cheaper and take less time to get developed. In this language, semicolon serves as statement terminators.


Ruby- This language has a syntax that resembles that of Perl and Python. Also, it does not provide syntax to access the variables, methods, and properties. It also allows using different syntax for different purposes like to find a length of the string, it can be written as 'string.length'.The syntax is easy to understand and grasp.

PHP- Its syntax is similar to C language and Perl, providing syntax to access the same and the syntax is a little complex than ruby's syntax due to its standard library


Ruby- It is needed to load the libraries to perform respective functions.

PHP- This language has inbuilt functions, no need to load the functions, that is how PHP makes web development easier.


Ruby-Its applications tend to be slower than PHP developed applications.

PHP- PHP developed web applications are known for the performance.

Parting Thoughts

With this, I wrap up my discussion on PHP or Ruby, which one is a better web development solution. Also, I hope, now you have an idea in which aspects PHP differs from Ruby. Now I leave it up to decide which one is better. You can choose the technology as per your business requirements. If you choose to go with PHP, then you can hire a PHP development agency providing the PHP web development services. Both of these languages are general-purpose programming languages. Being openly and freely available these languages are used as scripting languages. Both languages have their own strong points. So now the choice is yours, choose wisely and reap the benefits.