Online Business: 20 Creative Ways To Make Money Online

As we all know, this is 21st century; a time where one won’t have to step out of his apartment before earning a living. Technology has made it easy that an individual won’t have to submit a CV (or job application) to any company before he or she can be gainfully employed, unless (of course it is by choice). Businesses in this modern age have made its way online, meaning that the future of the business lays online a practical example being the rise of online e-commerce companies like AliExpress, Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip etc….

Because of this immense opportunity in the online world, businesses have over the years shifted from offline operations to online, for example, the traveling agencies who have dominated the online sphere, other sectors like agro, marketing, stock trading, foreign exchange, etc.… all have leveraged on this online opportunity to thrive. With this, therefore, any individual who chooses to go into entrepreneurship it advised to tap into the online landscape and make as much as they can, and of cause not without a little bit of hard work. We have listed below some lucrative means where individuals who choose to go into online business can actually venture into and probably made a living.

Top 20 Creative Online Ventures to make Money from:

Top 20 Creative Online Ventures to make Money


Blogging has grown to become one of the most popular means of making money online. This is a process where an individual creates a (micro) site of his own with the help of blog service providers to carry out a legitimate business online. With the existence of some blog companies like Blogger® (owned by Google), Tumblr® (Yahoo), and WordPress® who has provided either free or paid blog platforms has made it very easy for individuals to own a blog instead of the traditional method of hiring a programmer, which in most cases charge much more.

Blog owners make their money through either placing Ads on their blogs by signing up with any Ad company like Google Ad Sense, Revenue Hit, Propeller Ads, MobVista,, Ad Mobi, etc… there are many more of them that are also doing well in the online ad industry.

So when these bloggers sign up with these companies, they help them display more native Ads, in return they pay these bloggers based on the clicks (pay per click), or views (PPI) according to their term of the contract. So, therefore, the more page views or traffic you get on your blog, the better your chances of making more money as a blogger.

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Affiliate making

This is the strategy (retail) companies use to ensure more sales; they solicit with bloggers or social media influence with more followers and pay them a commission for each sale. Anybody can become part of this business, all you need is to sign up with these Affiliate companies, promote their products, and you are as good as earning cool cash from such a venture. There are popular affiliate companies like Commission Junction®, Click Bank®., Max Bounty®, e.t.c. Though in most cases, companies control their affiliate program and still maintain a comfortable affiliate commission.

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E-book Writing

Just like the normal books you buy at the book shop, some individuals make cool cash writing the electronic version of your favorite book. In some cases individuals write their books on any topic and market it in some online e-commerce hub like Amazon, 0r do the marketing themselves by launching their blog.


This is another evolutionary money making business anybody can do. This is the process where you work remotely and still makes the same income as the guy that has a 9-5 job schedule. Freelancing is done through (freelancing) platforms, though there are others who prefer working outside the platforms, to guarantee safety and ensure professionalism it is advised that you stick to those freelancing platforms. Though there many freelance platforms one can easily signup with, the most popular ones are Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and All you need do is to sign up, specify your skill (either writing, graphic designing, copywriting etc.…), bid for jobs, get the job completed and you are on your way to making cool cash.

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This has to do with transcribing an audio tape into a written word. Surprising enough most people don’t recognize this lucrative online venture, but the smart ones have already leveraged on this and will continue making six figures, courtesy of their hard work. You can check out platforms like TranscribeMe, and Rev to sign up.

Music Reviews

You can make as much as £50 doing this, music reviews are done by promoting some unsigned artists on Slicethepie platform. All you need is to sign up the platform and get on with it.

Sell Domain Name

Selling domain has grown to become another money-making venture in the online community. Most of the time webmasters prefer going for older domains to purchasing new ones even though it is more expensive than new domains. But then acquiring new domains can be a “hard knot” for webmasters, and that is where the domain sellers come in; they make available this old domain names, sell it to those webmasters and make as much as $20-30 per transaction.

Video Blogging

This is also called VBlogging, the most popular of them all it the YouTube which pays for the number of views on your videos using the YouTube Ads. But to earn using this method you must have at least 10,000 views before you can earn a substantial amount.

Mystery Shopping

This has to do with writing reviews about a particular business, one can become a mystery shopper by patronizing a specific store, it can be online or offline then make a review of his experience. To get started, you have signup with some agencies who engage in such operation; the most popular are the Ipsos, Market Force, Clickworker, Mystery Dining by HGEM, Serve Legal etc….


You can sell your old stuff like DVDs, shoes, laptops, iPads etc…. using platforms like Amazon market place, eBay, OLX, etc…. One can start this as a business by not only selling his stuff but other people’s items as well, and you can make as much as $70 in commission doing this.

Online Tutorials

Who said can only teach standing in front of a class; you can use platforms like Udemy, Linda, UK Tutors, Mytutor, and SuperProfs to achieve this purpose. With a bit of hard work, you can make up to $20 doing online tutorials.

Selling Photos

If you think you are good at taking perfect photo shots, maybe you should try to monetize them by selling it on platforms like Getty Images or Adobe Stock. With this, you can make your money doing what you love.

Peer-to-peer lending

This is considered the future of banking, it facilitates cheaper loans to borrowers and reduces the issue of middleman which usually make interest rates higher. One of the platforms is RateSetter which was founded sometime in 2009. In this P2P business, participants can make as much as 5% of the amount lent and have an interest rate of 0.3% (though in most cases 1.5%).

Story Telling

You think you have an exciting story that can captivate an audience? Why don’t you try and sell it? Some online newspaper companies are waiting to hear your story and also very eager to pay for it, one of such platforms is the Sun online Newspaper Company. You can take up to $50 – 60 selling your story.

Crypto Currency

The world of cryptocurrency has engulfed the business world, thereby changing the way money transactions are made. You can get involved in this trend by being either the miner or the dealer (as in buying and selling). Some of those cryptocurrency platforms include Bitcoin, CoinDirect, YCombinator, Stream Token, Monetha, etc…. But we will advise you first study the about the business before going in it because of its complexity.

Property Agents

Many people still don’t believe that one can make a fortune going this. Simply find a property below market price and market it through an intensive Ad promotion. This might not be quick in profit, but it hits big if it eventually pulls off.

Renting your House for Filming

This might be the most surprising, but yes, it is possible to rent out your property out for movie shorts, as some directors will be very pleased to locate their perfect movie location from the comfort of their rooms. You can make from $10 – 500 renting your property to filmmakers. One of the platforms known for doing this is JJ Media.

Baby Sitting Job

Are you good with babies? If yes then there is a job waiting for you online, you can make as much as $12 per hour on this job. No need going from house to house advertising yourself, sign up with Care Babysitting® and you on your way to earning a living doing what you love.

Become a Competitor

This has become a growing community in the United Kingdom as individuals can make up to $70,000 annually. Interested competitors can use social page platforms like Deal or No Deal.

Online Survey

This is a method where you get paid using a product and telling how you feel using it; more like product testing. Multinational companies are desperately looking for individuals that can actually take a survey on their products. Companies pay as high as $5 per survey, and there are platforms that you can sign up with like InboxPounds, Panel Opinion, YouGov, New Vista, Panel Base, Survey Junkie etc….

Lastly, opportunities in the online world are endless, of which the list we made above are just the major ones anybody can venture into. Remember, whatever you do online make sure you keep it legit. Cheers!