My Trip To Cancun And The Tips I Learned To Save Money.

I recently traveled to Cancun with my girlfriend, and without a doubt it has been a great experience, I must say that we have been amazed at the beautiful landscapes that you can see both in Cancun and in the Riviera Maya. Beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea, an excellent climate to tour the city and the friendliness of local people are some of the things I liked most about this great destination.

We had the opportunity to visit several places within the Riviera Maya, such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Many friends had recommended us to visit the cenotes as the "Cenote Dos Ojos" located in Tulum that has left us amazed.

During our stay in Cancun we were able to enjoy several local dishes, traditional Mayan culture as the "Cochinita Pibil" and the "Lechón al Horno", I must confess that my favorite food was "Lomitos de Valladolid", a typical dish of pork with tomato that is very popular in the area.

As for the fun, you can find excellent nightclubs like "The City", "Mandala" and of course CocoBongo, which has fantastic shows and very good atmosphere.

This trip has left me a great learning since we received many recommendations from friends and family that have allowed us to save a great amount of money, so we realized that to enjoy this wonderful destination you don't necessarily have to spend large amounts of money, that's why I share some tips to save money on your next trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

  • Look for more information about the vacation seasons

If you are looking to travel to Cancun, it is important to know that being a popular tourist destination, during the holiday seasons usually increase significantly the number of people visiting this destination, so the cost of tourist services can increase up to 200% in months such as July and December. It is important that you consider the possibility of traveling in months between August and November, because during this season prices tend to fall, and to have less influx of people you can find greater variety of options for tourist services, promotions and it is also sure that the places you visit are not crowded with people. If for availability reasons you can only travel during the holiday seasons, we highly recommend you to plan your trip at least 6 months in advance, quote on different travel platforms and compare flight prices, we are sure that in this way you can find affordable prices even in the holiday seasons.

  •  The price of airplane tickets is quoted in different media

The airlines tend to raise the cost of tickets to the busiest places so visiting sites such as Kayak,, BestDay and others will surely allow you to enter promotions in the price of tickets. It is important that you try to anticipate your purchase to the date of your trip, because the closer the date of your trip, the more expensive will be the cost of the ticket.

  •  Quote in different media the price of your hotel and consider Airbnb

Like airfares, hotel rates can go up a lot during the holiday seasons and many hotels have incredible facilities and all-inclusive packages that can be tempting, but many hotels in the Cancun hotel zone reach very high rates during the holiday seasons. By quoting the rates in different media you can surely find promotions that help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so it may be a good option.

Another very effective alternative is to stay at Airbnb, which has much lower rates and you can arrive in a house or apartment that fits perfectly to your needs and budget. Personally, during our trip, we preferred to stay in Airbnb, and I think it was a great experience, our host was very kind and made several recommendations of places to visit, just as we strongly recommended hiring a car rental service with a local company, which helped us a lot to move freely around the city, which brings us to our next point:

  • Rent a car in Cancun, your best option to travel at your own pace.

In our case, since before traveling to Cancun we were investigating several places that would be interesting to know during our stay there, and we realized that many of the most popular places are on the outskirts of Cancun or even in the neighboring cities of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We did a little more research and found that there are trucks that can take you to these destinations, however, they leave you at the terminal and you will have to go wherever you want to go. Our host of Airbnb recommended us a local car rental company called City Car Rental, we entered their website and discovered that they have rates with insurance included and offered us many promotions and discounts in places we had scheduled to visit which convinced us even more! We consider that they have a fair rate and the deal was very good, so we strongly recommend this company.

These are some of the types that we can give you so that you can enjoy your next visit to this beautiful destination to the fullest, which we have no doubt will make you fall in love with.