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Even the best ideas end up vanishing if they do not have an Internet presence. Whether it’s a business, a hobby or a social movement, you are the only one responsible for launching your online project and giving it the attention it deserves. But depending on your experience, the perspective of construction and marketing, creating a website can be a headache.

For those people who have never built a website or have no experience in marketing, now the launch and promotion of an online project is much easier.

Introducing the hPage Website Builder

With the website creator, everyone can create a professional website in no time. In fact, many of our clients have published their web pages in less than an hour. In addition, our Website builder not only helps you build a perfect website, but also helps you connect with new people through Google, Facebook and other social networks.

Our website creator is designed for owners of small businesses, dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to connect online with their target audience so that they can benefit from their products, services and ideas.

If you publish your new web page in an empty digital space, will someone notice your presence? Probably not.

You have to try to bring traffic to your new website. If you do not have experience in search engine optimization, the hPage website builder will be of great help to present your idea on the Internet and position your website comfortably with its search engine visibility tool.

Other creators of web pages can help you create a good site, but with hPage you will stand out above the rest.

The hPage website creator is fully integrated with marketing and e-commerce tools.

So, as your business or ideas grow, this website creator will also grow. Start now with a simple web page and add new options, such as email marketing or an online store, when you’re ready.

As a user of the website maker, you will always have the tools you need to progress both online and in real life.

Build a professional website without technical knowledge’s vision is to radically change the global economy towards independent entrepreneurs full of life. So if you have a small business or a new idea to share with the world, count on us. You are full of ideas, but you have little time. Our website maker is specifically designed for people like you.

Designs adapted to your idea or sector

Tell us the name of your website and the origin of your idea or business, and we will recommend relevant features, content and images. Then customize it to your style by testing the different features and adding your own photos and content. You can play with the different designs offered by the tool until you find the one you like most.

Editor “Swipe-to-style”

With the website creator, you can change the structure of your site quickly, simply sliding the cursor between the different designs and styles that the tool offers, select the designs and immediately visualize how the design adapts to your content, you can modify the font and color of the text whenever you want.

Combine and relate content of the sections

Customize each page of your website by mixing and linking sections of content to adapt it to your needs. And, as your needs change, you can always add new features. When you’re ready, you can easily update your web page to include a registration form, an event calendar or a video.

Domain flexibility

Launch your new website with a domain name that is easy to remember and reflects your brand or personality (for example, Even if you have not decided yet? No problem, you can publish your web page now with your own FREE subdomain on (for example, and customize it later.

Google rankings

Make people find you easily when they search the Internet. Our website creator incorporates the search engine visibility SEO tool, which will allow you to optimize your web page step by step for the main search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing automatically. The search ranking of your web page can have a big impact on your business.

Connect your website to your accounts on social networks, such as Facebook

Connect your website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. With more than one billion active users per day around the world, having an updated Facebook page is essential to build your online presence. The Website builder makes it easy to update an existing Facebook page or create a new one with the information and photos of your website.

Unbeatable presence on mobile phones and tablets

If your website is responsive, that is, it is adapted for mobile, there is much more likelihood that customers will buy.

The web pages created with hPage Website builder are automatically optimized to adapt perfectly to any device.

Before publishing your site, you can use the previews feature to see exactly what your customers will see on their mobile or portable devices.

We help you 24/7 by phone or email

Our team of technical support professionals is always willing to help you with your online project. If the inspiration appears at 2 in the morning, we will be there for whatever you need. Call or send us an email at any time.

Who is using our Website Builder?

We have seen websites built for small businesses and personal projects alike. Professional websites for experts in wine, gyms, transport companies, real estate agents and air conditioning companies. Fun and attractive sites for community choirs, clubs and band groups of the 80s.

This website creator is designed for small entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who has a great idea to share with the world.

Whether you are a baker, gardener or even if you sell scarves, we have the perfect solution for you. There are 2 plans available: Free and Premium. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

It’s easy to share your brand with the world using our Website builder, as well as your marketing and ecommerce tools. Build a FREE website on now!