Killing Yourself Is Not A Good Idea - A Real Story

I was reading the newspaper that morning and I found news that a 20-year-old girl killed herself because her parents snatched her phone. That was so terrifying and horrible feeling for me. Even I am 22 years old and my parents always talk to me in a very good manner no one scolds me. And that feels sad because they are afraid if I do things like that if they scold me or put restrictions on me. Everyone needs freedom but it should be in a limited manner. Our parents are way smarter than us and they are more experienced so they know what is right for us and what is not.

Today’s generation is mentally weak and we need to do something about it. This generation needs a mental guide who can understand them and provide them mental guidance and treatment as per they needed. Mental guidance is Important.

“Student jumps to his death after failing to finish his exams”. An 18-year-old boy killed him because he fails to finish his exams he doesn’t even wait for the results.

Depression is the cause of suicide. We did not know what is going on someone’s head when he or she gonna act some stupid move. When we feel people around us feel something strange we should talk to him and make him talk what’s going in his head.

A student from JNU hung himself in the library. That student mailed his professor a suicide note and hung himself. That student was missing for two days. And after two days professor got mail mentioning his depression and then they searched for that boy and found his body hanging in the ceiling fan. That news also scares me.

These youngsters take very big steps that affect the whole family for silly reasons. That silly reason is a very big reason for them because that reason leads to depression. And everyone around them needs to try to understand their mental condition.

One of the silly reasons is killing yourself for not completing 5 questions in the 12th board exam leads to death. A 17-year-old boy killed himself because he could not complete 5 questions in his board exams. He jumped off from the 6th floor.

When I feel lonely, depressed, and started getting thoughts of killing myself. I remember the dialogue of Amir Khan’s character rancho in the movie 3 idiots, “When you feel something like this you see your parents photo and think that what will be their condition when they found that you are dead.”

How silly reasons are there for depression that are really shocking. When I see the news I see all the time the suicide cases are very depressing for every parent. The parents are scared of losing their child and those parents whose child was dead they are blaming themselves for that suicide. This is not right.

One of the cases is that a 16-year-old boy killed himself because his mother scolded him for playing the PUBG game all the time and not studying for the exams.

I want to request all the people who are in a depression please talk to the closest ones and think of your parents and closest ones before thinking of killing yourself.