IT Is The Fastest Growing Industry - Check Out The 10 IT Futuristic Jobs

We may think that the rise of technology, the invention of machines & robots will certainly dominate human hands for efficient work. It's true that machines do not demand the salary and they dispose of productivity problems. This may sound threatening, as old-world jobs like sales & services, accounting, website development, mobile app development and similar jobs may be overpowered by machines.

Future jobs will involve knowledge creation & innovation that will machine let you explore, experiment, & find unique solutions to complex problems. While we have digital brains to deal with complex tasks yet they have a problem in dealing with non-routine physical movements and visual tasks & language recognition or interaction with people.

Original & creative thinking, adaptability & the willingness to work collaboratively will always be needed. Also, there will always be a need for new roles in a tightly connected, hugely automated technology era.

Below we will look at the jobs for humans that technology has saved for the future; jobs that machines will not be able to accomplish.

  1. Big Data Architect/Analysts - An emerging IT learning position at many companies right now due to the abundance of data & need for data governance. The role requires a leader that is responsible for providing the company with the best practices for data privacy. This role also guides employees of the organization about the saved data and approaches to best protect it.
  2. Machine Learning Engineer - This sector is growing rigorously, a person should have the experience of handling overabundant statistical data to procure this job. Since companies like Monso have realized that the future lies in the potential AI-driven tech that functions semi-autonomously. This area also overlaps with crucial roles and business drivers like data analytics.
  3. Network Analyst - Due to the increased amount of data, a network analyst is one of the futuristic job titles that would be in demand. An organization with complex network needs an analyst with the knowledge of adjustment and management of network components to identify problems, plan design, analyze & provide suitable technical solutions.
  4. Security Analyst - As technology evolves with new things for the betterment of the society, the risk of cybercriminals hovers around. These computer hackers long for a small loop to enter and hack the entire system for disastrous purposes. So, to keep track of such risks, a security analyst will soon become necessary for big data keepers.
  5. Cloud Engineer - Cloud technologies are one of the most virtualized environments. The demand for IT professionals continues to rise at an exponential as more & more enterprise adopt cloud computing. This job requires adept skills in networking & understanding issues related to policy, agreements, risk analytics, online marketing strategies.
  6. IoT Architect - Working as an IoT architect requires a lot of knowledge as it is the core idea to connect through all sorts of different devices to the global internet which is revolutionizing the business in many industries. A successful IoT solution giving architect understands the ways to bring IoT to the gates of the network. Smart homes, cities, & intelligent peer-to-peer network are a part of a greater context of developing IoT solutions.
  7. Robotics Engineers - Robotics is recommended as one of the most interesting and demand-driven jobs in the field of automation in future. Robotics engineering is becoming a go-to solution to ease labor concerns. The scientist has developed many robots, integrated with AI, for human-like assistance for our convenience and we expect to see more.
  8. Web User Experience Manager - User experience manager will also be called as ML designers with the involvement of AI in the future UI/UX designs. With AI dominating the world and expected to continue, UX designers/managers have to be well versed with the emerging technology. Integration of AI in designing techniques will definitely help designers with a lot of mundane work and giving them more time on creative work & strategy for building adaptive interfaces.
  9. Social Media Manager - Inculcation of AI in our everyday task has influenced social media too. Media Managers must be adaptive to the changes in the market. Building trust in the consumers through the accumulation of advertisement impression is no longer useful. Chatbots will continue to engage and entertain users along with AR and gaining trust will require human reviews and impressions.
  10. Alternative Currency Speculator - Future of the cryptocurrency is still speculated, due to the fluctuating market. Bitcoin has collapsed because of these market variations giving birth to new cryptocurrencies like a ripple. With Blockchain getting secure and stronger, people believe that investing in cryptocurrencies would give them good ROI. To keep the transaction seamless and encrypted a Currency Speculator would hold value for much-needed guidance in the future.

   To be job ready for the future, you must follow - 

Qualities need for better jobs

  1. Be Creative - To stand out from the crowd, you will have to be creative and innovative.  Ability to bring something new in the market always captivates the eye and bring new opportunities.
  2. Never stop learning - Keeping yourself current with the trends is the best way to be ahead. Learning must never stop! The curiosity of learning more will help you build relations with those who stay in touch with the emerging trends.
  3. Be workplace ready- Choose a workplace that provides you with the platform to project towards a bright future. Work with enthusiast that can help in the development of your professional skills.
  4. Take Control - Know the trends and make the future analysis of the current trend. This will help you in planning and managing your career easily with the assurance of heading in the right direction.

To Conclude -

Geniuses are evolving innovative ideas to make our lives run seamlessly. With more advancement comes more responsibility thus an adept person in each field will be needed to manage and keep track of the big data. Despite AI, ML, and IoT is the trending technology they will need human assistance for seamless functioning, productivity and safety. Designing and marketing are also among the trending sectors for captivating, engaging users and exhibiting brand's products and service. There are many service sectors that technology has changed the face of, like the health industry, food industry, and many more that we haven't covered that prove to have a bright career in future.