Importance Of Visual Content In Marketing

Whenever we surf the Internet or check our social media platforms, we get fascinated by amazing videos, memes, gifs, and beautiful pictures, don’t we? We all get attracted towards images and videos more than texts. It has been already stated by Marketing Gurus from worldwide that the year 2019 will going to be dominated by visuals. Before diving into the article, let me share some facts about visuals:

  • About 90 percent of the information transmitted to our brain is in the form of visuals.
  • The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than normal text.
  • 40 percent people respond more to an image than text.

Well, I think the facts are enough to know how important are visuals when it comes to draw attention. So, what are your preparations for visual content marketing for the year 2019? If you are still in confusion, don’t worry! In this post, I will explain to you why and how of visual content marketing:

  1. What is visual content marketing?
  2. The importance of visuals
  3. Finally, the types of visual content


Let’s start with the first point (what it is all about?)

Visual content marketing is a form of marketing using graphics, images, infographics, logos, videos, signs, etc. to convey valuable information to users. This form of content is a medium to connect with the targeted audience in a more appealing way than text.

Now come to the main point, why it is important in content marketing?

Visuals have the power to grab more attention and retain the audience. They will help in improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns by increasing engagements.

Here are some reasons why as a marketer you should focus on visual content:

In grabbing users attention: Remember the fact #1- (our brain likes visual content). So, keep the fact in mind and create amazing images for your next content. Converting your unique text content into visual presentations will help in generating traffic. You can boost user experience by posting visual stories.

It is easy and fast to process: One of the advantages of visual content over text is, it can communicate data at a faster rate. The human brain process limited data at a given time and visual are comparatively easy to process.

In generating more views: When it comes to social media posts, visuals play an important role. People love to see visual content than text on social media platforms. Visuals seem both pleasing and informative. Right images and videos are essential for marketing campaign’s success.

In improving engagement: High-quality visual content is prone to attain views which ultimately results in more shares and comments. Also, engaging content is more likely to go viral. That means people will share it with their friends, relatives and other online communities.

In generating inbound links: Good and well optimized visual content drives traffic to your website and helps in building credibility. If your content got engagements and it is highly shared, you are building a well-founded audience base. That means you don’t need to invest in advertising and promotion to grab users attention.

It is easy to understand: Visual content is easy to understand. Long lines of text are not only tedious but time-consuming too. Here short videos or images can be a saviour. All you need to do is, to create amazing visual content.

The next part is, what are the types of visual content?

Infographics: It is a long form of images that convey stories. With the help of infographics, you can add more information to your post. Free tools like Canva help you in creating compelling infographics.

Videos: It is the most convincing form of marketing. It conveys to-the-point information and attracts the right audience. You can post behind the scene, demonstration of your product, how-to type videos to grab more attention.

Memes: They are creative and funny images accompanied by humorous captions. If they are used in the right direction, can bring magic for you.

Presentations: Gone are the days when presentations wereonly confined in a meeting room. Now, you can share your presentation online on the sites like Slideshare. They are quite similar to the infographics.

Visual content encourages your audience to discover more about you and your brand. You can generate more traffic which directly helps you in generating more engagements and profit. This is going to be the future of marketing. Therefore, start using it Right Now!