Importance Of Local SEO For Small Business

Gone are the days when search engine optimization would be limited to a generic, global audience. With time, SEO has brought in a more narrow-minded approach particularly where focusing on local audiences is concerned. While searching for a local SEO service, you are sure to have come across something called local SEO. What is this, you may ask, and how is it different from the conventional SEO that we are familiar with? Can this SEO for small business actually prove beneficial?

What is Local SEO?

The primary objective behind doing an SEO is to give a website a higher rank on search engines so that the relevant target audience can find it more easily. Regular SEO doesn’t focus on this audience. If you have a well optimized webpage, it will have a high rank on every search result.

A localized approach will give greater visibility to your website for a more local audience. While its importance for search engines such as Google cannot be ignored, it can also give your local small business a better listing on business directories such as Yelp.

One of the most important features of local SEO service is that it acts as a promoter for your business web pages and gives them more visibility exactly when your customers set out to look for them. However, that is not the only reason why this marketing strategy is important. Search engines such as Google give priority to local search above all else. This is why you have so many SEO company looking to get a piece of this very attractive business pie!

What is a Local Search?

Before moving any further it is important that you understand the difference between a local search and standard information search.

Google states that 46% of searches being conducted today come with a “local intent”. Anyone in the world having a decent SEO practice and authority can rank for a query such as “how to replace an electric fuse” but a query with greater intent behind it will list as “electricians near me” or “best plumbers in New Town”.

For such search queries that typically work based on a location or the keyword “near me”, search engines figure out that the searcher wants a business suggestion or listing based on the location. The result they offer in the local search engine results pages (SERPs) is thus tailored to this.

How to Rank Your Local Business?

There is a lot to work with as far as a local SEO service is concerned. This is an ever-changing field so you may need to put in a lot of effort and time to get things right. Here is a look at some of the strategies of SEO for small business that you can use for getting a better search ranking.

Website localization:

Localization of a website refers to including your region, country, or city name as a natural part of the website. If your business has several locations, you will need to create several pages, each targeted towards a specific location. You could also try involving your local small business with community events and then feature information about the same on your website.

Building citations:

You need to ensure that your business appears on online directories and citation sites. Not only will this make it easier for potential customers to find you, every piece of additional information you include on the business directories will give your website an improved search ranking.

Claiming your listing on Google My Business:

This represents a key step towards giving your business an identity on important Google services such as Google Maps and local search results. Google My Business should ideally be the first online directory you choose to take ownership of.

Managing business ratings and reviews:

Genuine and honest reviews will help showcase the quality of your business and also indicate to the search engines that your website is useful and trusted. The authority of the review sites, the review qualities and volume of reviews received are among the important factors that help determine local search rankings.

Obtaining relevant and quality backlinks:

Backlinks obtained naturally and from sites that are well-regarded will help search engines in recognizing your website to be a trusted source of information. This will boost the prominence for your business in the local search algorithm and give it a better visibility in search.

How Local SEO Helps Grow a Small Business

Everyone is searching for better options on the Internet:

This is the era of going online when people sit at home and search for everything on the Internet. They typically want to find what they are looking for in their locality. If your business features at the top of the search results, it will help bring in more customers.

Local SEO helps give you higher conversion rate:

As a driver for targeted traffic, localized SEO is responsible for providing better conversion rates. Users searching for a localized content are more likely to convert on average and contact you simply because they need something close by. Numbers suggest that on an average 33% conversion rate is possible!

It helps create your brand:

Local SEO typically targets people where your business is located. You can talk about your services on the website and also share images and recent updates to give more authenticity to your business and help in establishing yourself as a brand.

Helps to build long-term networks:

An SEO for small business will help find your niche market and seller dealing in products similar to yours. Thus, two business providers can come together and create a potential partnership. This could be your chance to generate an all new business idea for future profits when you establish a long-term network.


Now that you are aware of what a local search is all about, you can understand the benefit it can bring to your business. Get started on implementing these optimization techniques on all your business web pages. If you are finding it difficult to do, hire an SEO company to get maximum advantage out of this marketing strategy.