How To Remove Footer Credit In WordPress Without Coding

Blogging with WordPress is quite popular now a days. The WordPress has played major role in simplifying the process. According to statistics presented by NetCraft 172 Millions users prefer WordPress to blog or for website development.

The WordPress offers everything required by blogger or web developer the only thing annoying about WordPress is footer credit. As users want different look, using theme from WordPress theme store is a good option. The WordPress theme store offers thousands of themes according to your need for free. Not exactly free, yes most of the theme developer take backlink from your website in form of footer credit.

So, how to remove footer credit in WordPress? that too without coding. Here is complete guide on How to remove footer credit in WordPress without coding.

How To Remove Footer Credit In WordPress

  • Log in to your blog/website WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New and search “Real Time Find And Replace” as shown below.

WordPress dashboard


  • Click Install Now and Activate plugin.
  • Once activated, Go Tools > Real Time Find And Replace. As shown below.

Real Time Find And Replace

  • Now, keep this browser tab as it is. Open another tab and visit front end of website to remove footer credit in WordPress.
  • Right click on website and click view page source.

view page source

  • Press Ctrl+F, a find window will open.
  • Now, enter “site-info” in find window.


  • Copy the existing footer credit and In back-end click “Add”,paste it in find section on your WordPress back-end in Real Time Find And Replace page. As shown below to remove footer credit in WordPress.

remove footer credit in WordPress

  • Copy and edit this footer credit according to your site and paste it in Replace With section in your WordPress back-end. As shown below.

All Rights Reserved. &copy; 2019 <a href=””>Site Name</a>

All Rights Reserved

  • Once done, click Update settings and take a look at your front end of website. If your footer credit is changed it worked. If this you see broken text try again and replace it in properly.

footer credit is changed

Things You Need To Know To Remove Footer Credit In WordPress

  • This method not change/remove actual footer it only replace with new one.
  • The original footer credit may expose in following conditions.
  • If year changes for example, In original footer its 2018 during this process and it changed to 2019 your credit will be also changed to 2019. Hence the plugin will not be able to replace it.