How To Find The Best WordPress Development Company

WordPress Development

It has been around for over a decade now and continues to impress. It is also popular within the business community due to its speed and delivery. If you are not using it, you are missing a lot of opportunities that will make your business grow.

WordPress in itself is a reputable company but the hard part is finding the right WordPress development company to develop your WordPress website and share your goals with. There are so many things to consider and strategies to lie. If you fail to secure a reputable WordPress company you might end up with big problems in the future. You need to have a list of criteria to help you with this task of selecting the best WordPress Development Company.

An Effective Web Strategy

When you are looking for a reputable WordPress development company, find out if the company has a clear strategy on how it intends to execute the WordPress development project. A clear and straightforward strategy shows that the agency is well equipped and ready to handle the development project. They should tell you how they intend to help you put your business on the maps.

A good WordPress development company should explain to how they’ll turn your site into a converting machine for your business. The first thing is to ask them to give a detailed method so that you can verify if their technique will give you the required results. It has to state how and when the project will end and whether they will handle it within the stipulated budget.

Don’t Focus on the Portfolio

Always focus beyond the portfolio. Not everything about the company is in its portfolio. Check their previous records of handling projects, was the client satisfied? Did they do the entire project or outsourced from a contributor, and did they design the work? Not that outsourcing is a bad thing, but at least they should mention this to you before the project commences. In fact, outsourcing makes web development seamless since not all freelance WordPress developers are experts in all the development processes.


An important question is how they doing things. All of us have had challenges of inaccessibility when dealing with service providers. The best thing to do here is getting their phone numbers, apart from emails address. Get their response time and how long you should expect answers about certain issues. This is not only important when during the development process but also convenient when there is an emergency and you need help tackling it. There are scrupulous WordPress developers that don’t offer support to their clients and end up giving wrong contacts.

How Big is the WordPress Development Agency

It is also good to gauge the size of the company. This will tell you whether it’s is a reputable company or not. Do they have a physical office where they meet with clients and discuss projects or it’s just a virtual office with only windows (MS)! The company must be big enough and have enough experts to carry out projects efficiently.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t settle for small development companies. If you have a small project that doesn’t require much, you might as well work with it. I remember my first development project was not so big and went for a big company that I couldn’t afford. I decided to settle for a small one that had a reputable portfolio. Provided they offer exemplary services, there is no reason you shouldn’t work with them.

Cost of Development

Another thing you should focus on is the value and cost of developing your WordPress website. You may find a company that is offering very little for so much. It is good first to know the kind of services they are giving and if it matches the value. Don’t be stingy and cut expenses to save a dollar or two.

Remember, quality comes first. You may restrict certain features only to regret in the future. WordPress development is a critical issue that demands a lot of work to make it run effectively. For example, you shouldn’t jeopardize your WordPress Security just because you want to cut cost. Compare the cost of production and estimate what you expect to yield from value addition.

Use Responsive Web Designs

Nowadays, it’s hard to thrive in the online world without a mobile-friendly website. There companies that don’t offer mobile responsive WordPress development. If this is not part of their services better stay away. The reason why I insist on mobile-friendly development is that Google has started putting mobile devices first and is using mobile-friendly websites to rank websites. If your website is not responsive, you might be penalized by Google and you will have a low domain authority due to low website rank. This may also affect your website traffic since your mobile clients cannot reach you.  

Check Their Reputation

There are many scams out there and if you are not careful you could be the next victim. There are companies available online, claiming to offer WordPress services. What they are really after is your credit card details. You should also not send money to any company before you meet in their office to discuss business.


WordPress is a powerhouse when it comes to content management. WordPress powers almost every website in the world. However, being an open-source any developer can develop a WordPress website. So, always look for professionals when you want to put up a WordPress site to avoid future technical and security issues.