Holiday Season 2019- Best ECommerce Strategies To Prepare Magento Store

Holiday sales season 2019 is just around the corner. With the fall of November, shoppers head to online stores to purchase gifts available at great deals. If you are also excited to know how to handle the sales rush on your Magento store during this sales’ year, this article is of your interest.

In general term, the holiday season can be described as a periodic fluctuation and seems to be a never-ending cycle. Shoppers react to individual season differently. The sales in holiday season as compared to other months is more in terms of purchase volumes.

Considering Adobe’s analysis on 2018 holiday season’s retail shopping, overall consumer spending and revenue accounted for USD 125.91 billion.

If we compare this figure with 2017 (holiday season), it was an increase of 15.2%. So, we can expect more hype in consumers’ shopping trend during the holiday season of 2019 as well. And, now is the time retailers should start preparing to capitalize on this massive opportunity.

Considering this progressive yearly trend of the holiday season on eCommerce industry, many retailers are already looking for varied proactive approaches to bring more conversions this year as well. Below I have divided the whole process into three key areas to consider, along with the appropriate strategies to serve the same. Let’s begin!

1. Pre-Holiday Season Preparation

Understanding the consumer’s intent is the first step of preparing your Magento store for the upcoming holiday season. Before they start looking to purchase online, you need to focus on different areas where you can grab their attention.

Offering a personalized on-site experience is the key to success. So, start collecting users’ data and analyze the behavioral intent to purchase. Based on the same, you can offer them personalized campaigns, content, and product recommendations.

Another area that you need to be ready is of heavy rush on your website. You should be ready with a responsive and intelligent on-site search; where buyers can simply type text and can fetch the desired products.

Last but not least, you should try out an omnichannel approach while thinking about mobile-first. Follow segmentation and personalization to stand out from your competition. Apart from mobile platforms, you also need to focus on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. With easy access to smartphones, shoppers are up-to-date with the latest social platforms and hugely rely on those for making a purchase.

So, try to promote your brand and upcoming seasonal sales or discounts over there as well.

2. During Holiday Season

When the targeted audience has found a way to your Magento store, overall user-experience should be interactive and seamless. As a huge percentage of shoppers admit that on-site customer experience is more important than other attributes like price while making a purchase decision.

Besides, ensuring friction-free and secure checkout experience is vital to capture as many buyers as possible. Make sure you consult a well-versed Magento development agency while building the same for mobile devices due to an intact approach needed. It is also noteworthy that you pay attention to the mobile experience as well since almost half of the buyers came from that medium.

Finally, choosing to offer multiple payment options that are secure as well is a must to consider during this season. Some common payment modes trending nowadays are Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, UPI transactions, etc. Look for extended payment options to make the UX easy and convenient for shoppers. Due to the increasing trend in security breaches online, consumers take extra cautions while disclosing their sensitive information.

The last step came under this section is to provide a well-optimized checkout process. Easy to find a cart, single-page checkout page, reducing distractions & choosing a neat and clean user interface, etc. are a must.

3. Post-holiday Season

A retailers’ duty is not done with the end of the holiday season. You need to initiate some customer service strategies so that they won’t feel isolated to betrayed; once they have completed the purchase from you. From sending them transactional emails to supporting them with customer care, you need to be ready for all.

Now once the products are with the shoppers, don’t forget to ask for their reviews as you need to know about your services. This way you can also make some room for improvement if don’t receive satisfactory feedback.

Along with these, you should also be ready for returns or refunds. Today’s consumers have a lot of mood swings. Sometimes they complete the purchase but later don’t feel like accepting the orders. Try to be calm and supportive in these scenarios as well.

Try to stay transparent in your Refund/Return policies throughout the checkout process. So that shoppers must be aware of the guidelines or conditions. Do provide them with Return/Refund policy link in the checkout window, redirecting to the respective web page.

The Bottomline

The holiday season is always full of joy and happiness for every individual. If you also wish to make it the same way for your online store, the above-mentioned tips are quite useful. For any kind of queries or concerns, you can contact me anytime.