Four Common Mistakes Every Content Marketer Makes

Content Marketing, one of the best and most effective ways of lead generation is not as easy as it seems to be.

Most of the people think that it’s all about writing big articles using good and sophisticated language a few times in a month, you thought about it the same way right??

I wonder if only Content Marketing was that easy!! But, no it is not that simple.

The latest studies and researches might show that anybody can succeed at Content Marketing but the real-life truth is exactly the opposite of those studies. Content Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You don’t believe me?? Then, check it yourself, just Google any one topic of your interest and you will get millions of blogs written on that specific topic.

This means that you already have a lot of competition in your way as Content Marketing is an overcrowded market.

So, it is getting more and more tough to rank on a specific keyword as the people we are competing with are already experts of that niche.

And after facing all these challenges if we also make mistakes then it would affect our Content negatively.

I too made many mistakes and I guess everybody makes one but now I know how to fix them and thus I am here, sharing the mistakes I made and the solutions I found to fix them:

  • Not focusing on your audience’s demands
  • Not creating Evergreen Contents
  • Creating Undiversified Content
  • Focusing on Quantity over Quality

Not focusing on your audience’s demands

This is a very common mistake made by almost all the Content Writers, we make content on the topic that we think might be good to make, irrespective of what our target audience wishes to read.   

Your audience is the only one who can bring your website to the top of the search engines but only if you are capable and talented enough to please them with your content and they will only be satisfied with the content if they like the topic.

As “if you don’t the title of the book you do not read the book”, in the same way if your topic is not attractive enough to attract the users then they might also not look at your content.

Making topics which are eye-catching is a must if you wish your content to stay in demand.

So how will you know what your audience likes and what they hate?? Well, this is an easy task you can research about your audience’s interests.

You can use Facebook ads manager to analyse your target audience or buyer persona so to say. You can select a handful of audience, or the audience following your business page, or simply all the audience following you and the facebook ads manager will let you know the topics your audience is exactly interested in.

The main goal over here is to start delivering content which is like by your users, to increase traffic on your website and make your brand famous.

Identify trends, and instead of posting content and thinking that your users will like them start analyzing your audience and give them what they what this is the only way you can gain followers and traffic.

Not Creating Evergreen Contents

Evergreen content is a content that never loses it’s relevance no matter however old it gets. One of the biggest mistakes that we as Content Writers make is that we make is that we create contents which are trending but do not check if the topic is going to be relevant after some years also or not.

Writing content on short lived topics can bring you a huge traffic but just like the topic the traffic will also be short lived and after a short period of time when people will forget about the topic and the topic will lose its relevance your traffic will leave you and you will come to your initial level again. Whereas, evergreen content will stay in demand forever and so if you create your content based on any evergreen content then you will never lose your traffic, you keep gaining more and more users instead.

If we take an example: Short lived topics are the topics related to changes in politics, real life tragedies of superstars, or anything related to the glamour industry these topics remain trending for a small period of time only till media discusses about such topics and these topics keep changing almost everyday.

Whereas, evergreen contents are the ones related to education, tutorials, and all the other useful contents that could be used practically in real life, like any educational blog, marketing blogs, how to do tutorials, etc., these are the topics that will always be searched and will remain in demand as these are certain topics that might never go out of fashion or trend.

Writing Undiversified Content

Limiting your write-ups to just one niche will not only limit your knowledge but will also expose you to only one class of users who are from your specified industry.

Whereas if you write content on different topics of different industries it will help you increase your knowledge and will also help you reach to a huge number of users of different industries.

But writing content of different forms will alone not help you attract traffic to your website.

Content also needs images, videos, and infographics to attract people as nobody likes to read anything continuously without any distractions.

Imagine you have to read a book which has only text and no images just like a history book!! Sounds terrible right?? When it sounds so terrible to you then how can you expect that your users will enjoy write-ups without any images??

So, you must add certain images in your blog in order to make your blog look better and what can be better than adding a video to your blog.

A video which summarizes your blog altogether can bring more traffic to your website as video marketing is back again in content marketing trends.

Then you can also create an infographics including all the information mentioned in your blog and can add it in your blog to make it a bit more interesting.

So, now you know the ways by which you can make your content more attractive and different from the others.

Focusing on Quantity over Quality

This is one of the very common mistakes every Content Writer makes. Content Writing is not about the number of articles a content writer creates it’s about the type of content a content writer creates, as your readers judge you according to the quality of your content. Every user wishes to read a good-quality and knowledgeable content and they recommend you only if you provide them with such kind of contents. So, if you wish your users to read your content make sure you provide them with good-quality content to satisfy their thirst of knowledge otherwise they would not follow your write ups and neither will they recommend you to anyone else which will affect your company very badly.


To gain lots of traffic and inbound marketing, content marketing is the key.

Around 50% of the companies as well as freelancers are using blogging as their main weapon to gain traffic and lots of profit.

Content Marketing is totally in demand and since the demand is increasing day by day so your competition is becoming tougher day by day.

No blogger is leaving any stone unturned to gain traffic and make their websites rank and you have to do the same, you have compete with people of your same level or maybe even better than you.

So I would suggest you to search for a topic of your audience’s interest, then searching for all the evergreen topics instead of viral topics but only according to your audience’s interests, then you might create a content with a variety of attractive element added in your content and never forget to focus on the good-quality of your content.

Making good content and making your website rank higher with the help of that content is not very hard but it is also not that easy.

If you follow these points mentioned above I hope it might help you achieve your goals, just avoid these mistakes and you will rock already.

A very Good Luck!!

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