Fall In Love With Lockets – A Token Lockets

A locket is one of the most personal pieces of jewelry one can keep. This piece of trinket can be described as a pendant that opens to reveal a secret space for storing photograph or perhaps a small item like a lock of hair. Lockets are very special in that they help keep a piece of a person with another at all times. While a modern locket is a great all-occasion present for birthdays, Valentine’s weddings, and christenings, lockets were traditionally given during funerals, particularly during the Victorian Era. Lockets from this period typically opened to reveal miniature portraits of the deceased.

 When you buy a locket online, it usually comes with a chain so that the piece of jewelry can be worn around the neck. These pendants also work as charms for bracelets and they come in all shapes and sizes, including ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, and more commonly, hearts. They are typically made out of precious metals and materials like silver and gold, which makes them great decorative jewelry.

 Traditionally lockets can hold one or two pictures at a time, but a modern locket may be designed to hold more. Some lockets are also fashioned to be spinner lockets—a common style during the Victorian Age. It was also around the same period when memento lockets replaced mourning rings as people’s preferred type of mourning jewelry. Many keepsake lockets feature a glass pane front so you can see what’s inside without having to open the locket. These lockets are typically used for items like hair locks and other small mementos that could easily fall out of the secret chamber and become lost with repeated opening and closing of the locket. In general, however, photo lockets are enclosed and photographs are secured in place by clear plastic.

There are also filigree style lockets that feature a small cushion right in the center of the pendant, to which some drops of perfume are added. These perfume lockets became popular during a time when there was restriction in personal hygiene and the perfume helped ask a person’s or their companion’s odor. During the World War eras, American and British military uniforms featured locket buttons that contained functional miniature compasses.

 Today, you can buy a locket online in all sorts of styles and shapes. These charming accessories remain to be some of the most appealing gift items that get passed down from generation to generation, helping wearers hold cherished memories close to their hearts.