Educational Mobile Apps: The Current Favorite Mode Of Study Is Here To Transform & Stay For Long!

The traditional method of education has taken a back seat ever since the concept of online education has emerged. We are no new of the fact that today’s growing technologies are simply reformulating the nature of education. And with the advancement and proliferation of smartphones, education through mobile apps has now become the favorite and most popular style among students of all age group. Be it competitive exam preparation or K-12 learning, not just students but teachers and parents are also using education apps for a better living.

The major drawbacks of classroom learning which included lack of personal attention, crowded classrooms, and emphasis on old & rote methods of learning have thankfully, now transformed into personal attention, one-to-one interaction and innovative ways of learning anything with mobile apps.

Education through apps –

Gone are the days when people only relied upon physical institutions & traditional aids to impart education. In today’s digital era, they are accepting this change and realizing the power of digital and usefulness of mobile apps in the education sector. Education is a paramount for people from all walks of life as it is the foundation of an entire civilization. Why make them learn things in a monotonous way when we have invented the fun and smart ways of learning?

Let’s get a deeper sneak into how mobile apps are changing the game of learning and helping the education sector.

Importance of mobile apps in the educational sector:

  1. Interactive Learning: There were times when a large number of books were only available at one place ‘Library’. It was perhaps the only option to read books. Now students want to study at their convenience on smart devices. Hence, the idea of e-books, pdf, & educational apps came into existence. Slowly, with the advent of mobile apps, reading was much more comfortable.
  2. Innovative ways of teaching: To make study fun and engaging, teachers are continuously evolving new innovative ways to help students understand complex things in an easy & simplified manner. For example, with graphics and relating concepts with real-life situations, students tend to grasp concepts in an effective manner. Every educational mobile app is thus, making its own way to stand out tall inventing new fun ways to educate students.
  3. Availability round the clock: Yes! We are living in a world where every second person can be seen using a smartphone. From children to aged, mobile has become quite a necessity for a human being. The reason is simple! It provides with the information quickly, instantly and is available round the clock. Similarly, students can read whenever they want and will not have to bind themselves.
  4. A better experience: Educational mobile apps surely have an impressive future ahead as the videos, lectures, and content is optimized solely for the mobile device user. Irrespective of the geographical location or time to study, the mobile apps are a good value for money in the most user-friendly to its users.
  5. Improving educational standards: Apps can be used by anyone and everyone on a global scale. A student can get a world-class learning experience just by sitting in his room simply by watching a lecture on his mobile app. This eventually leads to improved distribution of knowledge hence, strengthening an individual and improving educational standards as well.

There is a countless educational mobile app in the market which intends to teach one or the other subject but how does one distinguish among so many apps? Which app is worthy to download and fulfills the requirement? Find your answers below:

  • A successful user interface : The best educational mobile app should be the one that allows every person (who is not technology savvy) use it with ease. S/he should be able to figure out each and every function and feature of the app.
  • Easy log-in: A user should not face the hassles of the tedious login procedure. The mobile app should have an easy-log in and also a customizable profile feature where the student can access his daily tasks.
  • Quality Content: Content is king. The mobile app should provide everything that a student is willing to find. For example: For a JEE or NEET aspirant, a good mobile app should include features like quality video lectures from the best teachers in HD, previous year question papers & solutions, real-time tests and doubt-solving, one-to-one interaction with faculty, DPP’s, timely notifications of exams, complete analysis reports, study material, important notes, etc.
  • Should work in offline mode: Internet connectivity can be an issue quite a lot of times. Hence, the mobile app working in offline mode will be extremely useful.

Mobile apps for competitive exam preparation in India –

Every year lakhs of students compete with one another to secure few seats in engineering, medical, bank, and administrative sectors. It is a dream of many to get into top IITs, NITs, AIIMs, top banks and serving the nation but preparation to crack JEE, NEET, IAS, etc. requires not just hard work but right selection of institute which would help them climb the ladder to success.

In this cut-throat competition, every institute offers its best service and guarantees rank but it is the prime duty of a student to fully inspect all the features before proceeding for payment or enrolment. It seems almost impossible to figure out which mobile app should they start their preparation with. For JEE or NEET aspirants Etoosindia mobile app shall be the one-stop solution for engineering and medical exam prep.

Features of Etoosindia mobile app:

  • Highly engaging video lectures covering full syllabus and in-line with exam pattern
  • Real-time mock examination with full performance reports
  • Easy payment and affordable lectures (EMI options available)
  • Doubt Clinic Forum for clearing doubts and queries
  • Choice of courses, faculty, and mode of study
  • Videos and study material formulated by highly experienced teachers
  • Live-sessions enabling one-to-one interaction

You now know which mobile app will serve your purpose and help you clear exam with ease!

Conclusion: With the continuous development of mobile apps, the studying experience is being enhanced in a true manner and helping numerous individuals who wish to continue their education but couldn’t due to lack of resources. These mobile apps are a great platform for students who cannot afford expensive education for competitive exam preparation in India. People in remote areas can now turn their dreams into reality with the availability of these educational mobile apps. Well, someone has rightly said, “Educate one, educate the world”.

So, which mobile app are you downloading? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you find this post insightful, share it with others as well.