Dubai Tours - Much More Than The Giant Skyscrapers


Experience the best of both worlds on your Dubai tours. Marvel at the exquisite Burj Khalifa while enjoying every moment of the Dubai safari in the desert. There is more to this glitzy emirate than its grand man-made structures and architecture.

Dubai Tours – Desert adventure to go along with the impressive architecture

Dubai tours are much more than traversing across the city and marvelling at the magnificence of the Burj Khalifa and other imposing structures. Yes, no one can deny that Dubai has some of the best architectural wonders in the world. The Burj Khalifa is an engineering marvel. At the same time, you have other places of entertainment such as the Mall of the Emirates, the Jumeirah Beach, Al Fahidi Fort, and the cruise on the Dubai Creek. If you feel this half of your Dubai tours is exciting, wait until you experience the second half, the Dubai desert safari.

Dubai Tours – The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is much more than being the tallest building in the world. It is an engineering marvel. This structure looks imposing from a distance of 50km. Imagine what it will look like from its basement. It will blow your mind away. Explore the building well from the exterior as well as the interior. The high-speed elevator ride is one of the highlights of this exploration. You get a fantastic view of the entire Dubai city from the viewpoints located on various floors of the Burj Khalifa. You can see Dubai in its full glory, the beaches, the hotels, the creek, as well as the magnificent desert.

Dubai Creek Cruise – Excellent by night

You have seen Dubai from atop the Burj Khalifa. Have another view of the city, especially under lights from Dubai Creek.The Dubai Creek cruise at night enables you to enjoy the magnificence of Dubai under lights. You have the Burj Al Arab shining resplendently in all its finery. Similarly, you get a fantastic view of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Souq Madinat. Each of these structures is as magnificent as the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Safari – An exciting adventure

The Dubai Cruise is an excellent way to enjoy the magnificence of Dubai city. Your Dubai Tours do not begin and end with admiring the beauty of the city. There is much more to Dubai than just the Burj Khalifa and other exquisite architecture. The Dubai Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all.

The Dubai Safari is the best occasion to witness both the sunrise as well as the sunset in the desert. Each of the events can provide enough ammunition to fill up your camera memory. The sight of the golden sands as the first rays of the sun fall on it is a heavenly sight to behold. Similarly, the colour transition of the sand from golden brown to dark red and subsequently to the stark black colour is an exciting experience.

The excellent view of the sunset is one of the attractions of the Dubai Safari. The dune bashing is a fantastic experience that can test the strength of your bones to the hilt. You have a great time jumping up and down inside the 4X4 wheel-drive vehicle as the experienced driver manoeuvres the jeep on the crests and troughs of the magnificent golden dunes.

If the dune bashing was a bone-crushing experience, the camel rides could test your physical strength to the maximum. The camels are the best modes of transport in the desert. The Bedouins of yesteryears used to live in the deserts and travel from one place to another on these camels. The adventure-minded among you can test the running skills of the camels by indulging camel races. Of course, you have the trained camel riders guiding these animals on the pristine sands.

After experience these high-voltage rides on the desert, you can relax and enjoy the symphonic Arabian music. The belly dancers come out in full form to regale you with their wonderful moves. The fashion conscious among you can try out the Arabian costumes and Henna tattoos. A couple of shots at the Arabian hookah can give you immense pleasure and whet up your appetite.

The Arabian delicacies come out in full flow at dinner. You have a choice between the non-vegetarian barbecue and the vegetarian buffet spreads. Enjoy the Arabian Gahwa along with an assortment of dry fruits to round up a wonderful evening in the desert.

The desert is a beautiful place to explore in the night. You have the stars to guide you. The clear dark sky brings out all the stars in their entire glory. Nothing gives you more pleasure than watching these constellations in the sky. If you have a moonless night, the stars come out in greater numbers.

Final Words

Dubai is indeed a fantastic place to be in at any point in time. Dubai tours take you all over Dubai and provide you with a great experience of enjoying the best tourist spots in the city. No other place in the world gives you such a variety of sights.