Akubra Hats- Here’s All You Need To Know

When you think about Australia the first thing that gets to your mind is Akubra hats. Nothing is more Australian than an Akubra hat. The hat is specifically made tough for the Australian Outback, the hat is used by the military, bushman and farmers alike. The Akubra hats are still made in the town of Kempsey in Australia. The hats are made from rabbit fur felt with wide brims. The Akubra hat is the choice of every Australian since the mid-1800s. the term Akubra is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal word for head covering. In 1912 the Akubra became a well known Australian brand name. Here is some more interesting thing about the Akubra hats that you might want to know.

Akubra Styles

1. Country

When people think of the Akubra they think of the shapes and sizes which relates to the Country style. The country range of Akubra hats includes Snowy River, the Cattleman, the Coober Pedy or the Riverina hat. These hats have medium sized brim and standard height of the crown. The hats are perfect for working in sun or during flooding rains. These hats are very comfortable to be worn in hottest of the weathers because it does not have lining and have ventilation for eyelets.

2. Western

The western style Akubra hats are little taller with a touch of brash and panache than the Australian Country style. These hats have wider brim and usually fully lined from inside. These include Rough Rider, the Bronco, the Boss.

3. Fedora

These hats are fully lined and have a much softer felt than Country or Western style. Popular hats in this range are the Stylemaster, the Banjo Paterson, the Leisure Time, the Bogart and the Campdraft. Check out more Styles of Fedora at TheHatsGuide.com.

4. Summer

These hats are not made from rabbit fur instead these are made from much lighter materials like straw. But these hats are also made with the same toughness for which Akubra hats are famous for. This range includes the Balmoral, the Casablanca, the Punter.

The shaping of the hat

Most Akubra hats are pre-shaped with a creased crown. If you like to shape it according to your own liking like the people in olden times then you should get a Campdraft. To shape it according to your own liking all you have to do is steam it up and shape it with your own hands.


When you are getting yourself Akubra hat or any other hat for that matter always stick to get a little too big size. When the hat is a little big it will be easy to fix it. It is recommended that the Akubra hat should not be left in the sun or in the car on a hot day as it will shrink the hat.

Your confusion about what type of Akubra hat you should get or which size will fit best are now cleared. The Akubra hats are the hat that is every Australian’s choice. Now you know everything about Akubra hats and you will not face any difficulties getting an Akubra hat for yourself.