A Trip To India -The Land Of Diverse Culture

India, one of the most culturally diverse countries is the hub of tourist attractions. Every state you visit is quite different from each other which is really enjoyable. Just a few hours of journey can take you from the snow capped mountain Himalayas to the dry deserts of Rajasthan. In terms of culture and tradition, India really has so much to offer and I am lucky to experience it when I travelled across India with the help of an exciting Indian Holiday package.

The secret of the beauty of this country lies with the types of people residing here. During my stay in India I visited many places like Rajasthan where I enjoyed the company of the local residents and attended some of their social events. Even I also experienced some of the food items that are quite different and did all during my stay in one of the finest hotels. I travelled across this beautiful country by booking a Holiday package that covers large destinations in this country. Beside Rajastan, I went for Dolphin Sightseeing in Goa and got some time to spend in the beautiful beaches. Even I got to experience some time in the backwaters of Kerala.

When I booked the tour package I was unable to predict that I will enjoy the journey so much. I really thank the travel company from where I booked the tour package. It assisted me in each and every stage of the trip. While going through its portfolio to book a ticket to India, I found that this tour company not only offers packages for India but also for foreign countries. It offers all types of packages i.e. premier, standard and budget.