A Boy - Many Dreams

Many nights There is no sleep in the eyes. The wall clock is ticking. Looking at the clock, it's close to two at night. I had nothing to do except to think of the thoughts of the endless days of lying down. Sometimes I remember the past. What was i Repeatedly, I remember how I was. Once I thought, let's get out of bed. I haven't seen stars in the sky for a long time. Maybe seeing the stars will bring me a lot of relief. Yes, when life is filled with human grief, the world can think of nothing but dust.
As soon as the door was opened, the mother turned, —— Who?Mom, me. Your bad boy That night, what were you doing? Sleepiness?I did not think what to say to mother. I told my mother that I was asleep. Today, the sleep was deep, so I woke up early. You can't hide from me. Tell me what happened to you? No, I mean, I have to leave early today. Where is the mother?
Your father is still asleep. Why? Should I call? Don't stay My head began to relax. Sick father, many siblings, old mother. I do not know what to do. By joining a job without passing any M, it will solve everything. Younger sister And this time I will take the test. Varsity falls in with me - Riyadh's son is not very good, but he is fairly moving. The use of customs is good.
Nowadays it is difficult to marry sisters. Choosing a good boy is not easy either. Because it's difficult to understand the environment - good or bad - everywhere. Can't say better without blood tests. Because the boy may seem outwardly polite and polite - if they do not find him, they are intoxicated. It is really sad to see such a situation in youth society. I think some people are addicted to great suffering. Some are wondering why not try a little test? What is the harm?
I know all the things inside Riyadh. It's been six months since our test. I am thinking of doing tuition with the test. Tutoring is much better than sitting down. Then the result is a good job. Parents, mothers, siblings, everyone will laugh at me. What a joy it is to think today. I think Nipa will be married to Riyadh. One time I told Nipa that the matter of marriage. Nipa said, you will do what you understand best.
This time, Nipa I came to the test. Studying is doing well. Although I have many siblings, almost all of them have received scholarship in the second grade of Nipah in the eighth grade. Again in the S.S.C took the first place with four letters. The sister is not my daughter, but from all over can be called beautiful. I do not know if anyone else will say beautiful. But I will call my sister beautiful. Because just as gentle, humble, simple, straightforward, he has the talent and talent to start singing —- religion work, even he is a writer.
In such an age, a girl like Nippa would marry her brother's opinion, as if I do not believe it. Nip! You are grown up, I think you need your opinion too. Do you have a choice somewhere or not? I'm a brother, I have to see your side too. I told you, brother, your choice is my choice. No, Ray —- Nowadays, children ask themselves if they can do everything in their own good sense, so you may have a choice. Brother! When will you open your varsity?
I do not know when to open. Closed indefinitely. Don't you see so many fights in the country, murder, and political parties in Varsity. How do we study? You always have to live with fear - this understanding fights. Riyadh's letter was supposed to be written on vacation. He told me to write home.Home in his Rajshahi. Family with two brothers, two sisters and parents. They are very transparent. The sisters are married. He's the youngest. So it is normal to expect him to be a father and mother. Because everyone has big accomplishments. Someone's sorrow is fulfilled, someone is burnt to the ground in failure. Here is the rule.
Brother! Riyadh brother used to come to our house quite a bit now, but why not come brother? He might come to the bridegroom. Don't shame me, brother. Far mad - what a shame. You asked so. How are your studies Ray Nipa? Good. However, the English is a little left.
Where is my mother? In the kitchen Why are you crazy nowadays brother? Where not? Where, or if not, I say - I swear you know how you are going to be crazy. No, it means thinking about Varsity. If you do not see that the year is going on, when I get a certificate in the hope of obtaining an M certification, I doubt whether I will get a job.You don't worry bro! If you don't, I'll have a job. Whatever responsibility you think you are responsible for, I took it. What is the harm? For the sake of being born a girl on earth, not just sitting and eating.
Brother! What has happened to me is that I think there will be no shortage of grief in this world if we are all in danger. Yeah, that's right. Know that Nipa, I am very happy to hear about you. I sometimes worry. I'm the reason for your worry again, why?No, I mean, if you are feeling sad about others, I wonder. Maybe that's why I look so worried all the time. If you think so much health will break down. To live well on earth one has to think in his own direction. Brother! It's a pleasure to know why today. Wishing to sing. Pabi, not a song. Harmonium will I catch? No, stay. Nipa's life began to sing - the burden of contraction was an insult to himself. Imagine the contraction .......
At the end of the song, there was a loud knock on the door. Nipa came forward to the door. Opening the door, the gentleman asked - Is this the house of Khokon? Yes - my brother Khokon. Call your brother. Give it Brother, the gentleman wants you.As I proceeded, Riyadh's brother gave a bad news. Riyadh or did the accident last night. Despite trying for two hours in the hospital, he did not survive. Khokon at the time of death, Nipa was even more telling. I couldn't be right after hearing the news.My chest is bursting. I wanted to address any kind of embarrassment. But I could not. I was caught in the eyes of Nippa. After a lot of questioning, Nipa said - essentially. That is to say - Nipa ran and started crying on the bed. The sky was all smoky to me. Hands and feet trembled. Gradually the eyes closed.
Many worries came to my head. Wondering, in this vast world, simple, simple, can Nipa-Ra forget all the misery and live like before?