8 Things You Never Knew About MEP Contractors

Do you the mechanical engineers or plumbing contractors?

Are you looking for someone to recruit the personnel for a project?

In any case, you will find out some of the amazing things about this MEP world in the following.

In fact, some of the fascinating facts will impress you to the core. Let us find out more.

  1. Did you know that the New York Stock Exchange building was one of the first buildings to have an air-conditioning system? This happened in the year 1903. Over the years, innovations have been made and today’s AC systems are efficient, cost-effective, and affordable. Isn’t that “cool”?
  2. Who doesn’t know the devastation that the World War 1 caused in several countries? However, an interesting thing happened during that period. Munitions factories at that time had a refrigeration facility for keeping the temperatures and humidity under control.
  3. The Shard Building in London uses a triple-glazing system and sunscreens to prevent sun rays coming into the building, which further reduces the temperatures. As a result, the building makes the minimal use of air conditioning system. Isn’t that great for the environment?
  4. Read this fun fact about Pennsylvania. If you are sleeping on the top of a refrigerator, then it is illegitimate. Do you know why? It’s because it is illegal, and a law. Isn’t too old a law? Just think about it.
  5. How do people set their room temperatures during the winters? It is said that 1 in 20 people sets their room temperatures at 30-Degree Celsius. Meanwhile, the average home temperature is around 23-Degree Celsius.
  6. Who started installing AC units in their cars? The Packard Motorcar Company began this in the year of 1939 and it continues till date. Whoa! Imagine how impossible it would’ve been to travel long distance without an AC in the car.
  7. Have you ever thought about how ancient people deal with the summers, especially those living in the hot, humid, and tropical regions? It is said that the Egyptians used wet mats on their doorways to cool off the indoor spaces. Even today, this is a great idea. Try to save some costs, man!
  8. Who wants to go to the temperature-controlled city, raise your hands? No, we aren’t joking at all. Dubai plans to build the largest shopping mall in the world that would have a climate-controlled retail street network over 7 kilometers.

The above facts may interest you to learn about the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing innovations throughout the world. Now, if you are planning a project and need personnel effective enough to carry out the jobs, you may well subscribe to the MEP recruitment services of a leading and specialist recruitment firm.

Normal HR recruitment companies do not specialize in all industries/fields/sectors. You must know that. It is imperative to hire a team of specialists that lead you to the professionals, and not ill-prepared candidates for the jobs. Once you’ve done the hiring, you can effectively lead your projects to success.

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