7 Latest Advancements In Information Technology 2019

Information technology is an engine that never runs cold. This basically means that every day we have another invention or advancement to celebrate or look forward to. In this regard, 2019 seems to have started us off on a higher note with so many expectations in the field of information technology. Whether you are an enthusiast or not, information technology is what drives a larger percentage of the human life. It makes life bearable and social relations seem like a close knit.

That said, we need to once in while find time to familiarise ourselves with the changes in information technology as this affects how we relate to our environment and each other and basically how we carry out our activities. Below are what we can consider as the latest advancements in the information technology in the year 2019:

Artificial intelligence

The world of information and technology is filled with a lot of buzz when it comes to artificial intelligence innovation and advancements. We have had a lot of growth that are worth noting among them stipulating of its dangers to the existence of human intelligence. But then again, aren’t there two sides to a coin.

On the brighter and more advantageous side, AI is a worthy technological advancement if applied to business, education, medicine and nursing as well as communication. Some of the latest artificial intelligence applications can be summed up as follows:

Speech recognition

The perfect example of the AI’s speech recognition advancements is siri for those who use apple and cortana for Microsoft users.  Many companies,brands and businesses are coming up with a way to incorporate the speech recognition technology software in their layout to ease customer service. This means that people will basically be interacting with computers who seamlessly replaces humans.

Cyber defence

With all the effort and measures that have been taken to curb cyber threats and cyber bullying, the internet is still a threat when it comes to people and sensitive data. It is clear that as humans, we are not doing enough to make internet safe as breaches become harder to detect with each invention.

The artificial intelligence in automated computer machines systems are believed to have the stable ability to detect and destroy any hints of threats when it comes to sensitive data.

Machine learning

This approach likens computers to humans in terms of the ability to learn. The big question among the information and technology scientists is that, can computers grasp knowledge through trial and error, experience as well as example? Well, they believe that they can and that is the motivation behind these advancements. The end goal of this invention and advancement is the creation of machines that have the ability to create a body of knowledge that increase with time.

Decision making

A closer look of this advancement will tell you that the mistake of judgement and decision making based on emotion will be eliminated. This is because machines will be able to make solid decision based pure data, logic and rules. These machines will be an asset in major companies, military agencies and other sensitive organisations and government departments.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has made the management easy by making it easy and reliable when it comes to the storage, management and processing of data by using remote servers that have been hosted by the internet. With the current advancements, we are acknowledging cloud computing to be more than just aid for storage and fast working network. Some of the inventions in line with cloud computing include the following:

Genetic sequencing

The milestone here involves being able to move scientific calculations to the cloud. This will make the understanding of the genomic sequencing that is present in victims of brain cancer. This is a major advancement in the cloud computing technology. Genetic sequencing cloud computing has the abilities to scan database and customize treatment as per the DNA of the patient.


Having a task bar that includes management of the accounts, settings, passwords and control of the EC2 features is made possible when you use console when it comes to the management of cloud servers and data centre services. The real deal about the advancement is the ability of the dashboard to work in real time when it comes to services like Box and AWS simultaneously. The console keeps track of any changes that may occur to cloud services.

Box view

Skipping the boring and technical parts involved in coding for the cloud, Box view enables nonprogrammers to upload business documentations and come up with HTML sites that support embedded document viewing. It is also an advancement that gives hope in terms of a future that supports development of applications that are in sync with the needs of the business.

Technology will keep improving and making life easier and better. The sad part is that when technicality is being made manageable, human beings are feeling threatened and bound to be replaced. But let’s agree, the whole point of technological advancements is making life more bearable for human beings.