7 Best Places You Must Visit When Traveling To The UK

Europe’s as well as the world’s favorite vacation destination UK aka Great Britain gives a complete pack of divertissement. Comprising of Scotland, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland UK offer their rich and posh culture, monuments and heritage, castle and estates, world-class museums, art and fashion galleries and many more things extraordinary things. Astounding Ring of Kerry in Ireland or Edinburgh Castle and Scottish Highlands see for yourself what makes these places one of a kind and special. UK’s size also provides ease to the tourist, just by a few hours of bus or train you can travel from one destination to other, so come here and fell in love with a list of places such as the 600+ forests of Wales and astonishing sculpted landscapes of Ireland mentioned below and cherish the “Life”.

Here are the 7 best places you must visit when traveling to the UK.


You can’t imagine yourself coming to the UK without exploring the Royal London. This place is for everyone, every rover whether history enthusiasts, modernist or culture lover. There is the beautiful Tower of London, along with the Tower Bridge on the Thames which combined makes the scenery amazing. Tourist also visits the White Tower, 1000+ year old displaying the armor of Kings. In the day time, the main tourist magnet is The Great Buckingham Palace, watch the Changing of the Guard or advanced book the tickets for an inside tour. The famous Big Ben and Westminster Abbey is the photo point of this stunning place. Tourists can find countless museums spread all over London, having rare things from political as well as ancient lines.


Renowned for Edinburgh Castle, this Scotland’s most attractive cities are also famous for its historic buildings and monuments. The major visitors in Edinburgh is for the One O’clock statue along with the picturesque the Stone of Destiny, Royal Palace famous for its jewels, the National War Memorial on the 13th-century royal fort, “Edinburgh Castel”. You will also love the Princess Street best in the evening enjoying the shopping and dining facilities. Royal Mile can’t be ignored in Edinburgh, because it always amazes everyone with its galleries.


Ever tried the healing water hot springs? Bath, named after the Roman Baths, is famous for its hot springs, whose water consists 40 plus beneficial minerals for your body. This small city of Britain is also famous for its Roman and Georgian architecture. If you are a historic and ancient building lover, you will be amazed by the creation here like The Royal Crescent. Museums are there for providing you informatics about the history, Roman and Georgian impact on Bath.

Ancient Stonehenge

Remember the place where Thor is thrown towards earth in Thor: The Dark World or where the Optimus Prime fight with the evil Decepticons in The Last Knight. This world heritage sites, more than 4000-year-old is famous for its staggering and stupefying structure and is well famous in Hollywood movies. Spread over an area of 20 plus square kilometers this place should be must visit place in your list. You can also explore the visitor center and archaic city near this Stonehenge.


Home to striking Windsor Castle, Windsor offers various entertaining things to tourists. It can be reached by short train rides from famous places, Windsor has the scenery of Thames, Gothic buildings and mazy old lanes to wander in the evening. Castle is renowned as the world’s largest inhabited castle. Paintings, Gallery, Halls, painted ceilings and walls will definitely make your trip. Resorts like Legoland is there for trying things like horse racing. Don’t forget to watch the breathtaking Panoramic view from the ground of Castle here in the night.

The Cotswolds

Famous for its food and cuisines this countryside place is also popular for reflecting rural English life. Cotswolds is full of green environment. Culture of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Somerset, and many more place is pretty nice here. Lake District Park, consisting of the largest lakes and the Scafell Pike Mountain will make you full refresh as well as energetic. Tourist also tries here’s specialty sport horseback riding. Cotswolds offers you the most amazing markets of UK, Castle Combe, so make sure to complete your Wishlist before visiting Cotswolds. Also you can book hotel at this place using Goibibo Promo Code at discounted prices.

Cambridge and Oxford

Wanted to admit the place where Stephen Hawking started his work on the astrophysics or the place from world changers like Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, David Cameron, Theresa May… graduated. World top most institutes, both university 130Km apart will not only make an impression by its inside culture but by its historic architecture. You will be amazed by the libraries of these institutions and can see the Famous Boat race between these universities in the spring season

Go and feel the world’s oldest institutes which are giving the crucial inventions since 1284.