6 Eco-Friendly Services To Watch Out For This 2019

As more people start to realize that most goods and services offered can add damage to our planet, many are beginning to be more eco-conscious. Because of this, more consumers are willing to pay a premium to businesses that take their Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously. If you’re one who’s also eco-minded and want to make a difference, then supporting businesses who offer products and services that are eco-friendly is one way to start going green.

We’ve gathered six eco-friendly and in-demand services you can take advantage of this 2019.

Green Financing

For individuals who plan on investing for a sustainable cause, green financing can help you fund your projects. It refers any financial tools such as debts, grants or equity that a green financial institution will lend to an individual or groups whose aim is to educate, provide opportunities or even fund advocates of local ecology. If you need help funding a project that will benefit the planet, green financing can help.


If you want to start going green, you can ask an expert for professional advice. Eco-consulting companies will help evaluate how eco-friendly your home or office. Then, they will make suggestions like switching to LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances or equipment, or even how to implement proper waste disposal. Their goal is to assist you in reducing your carbon footprint while cutting energy expenses.

Skip Bins Services

Wastes come in different forms and sizes. Skip Bins for hire allows you to dispose of large amounts of garbage, making sure proper waste management is in order. Such services are perfect after producing lots of waste due to home renovation and moving. For entrepreneurs, you can avail Skip Bins for hire to get rid of business wastes the cost-effective and legal way. This will also allow you to clear more space and promote a cleaner and healthier environment for you, your employees and customers alike.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous landscape for your home? Even businesses make use of professional landscaping services to attract customers. If you need your landscape done, it would be best to go for energy-efficient landscaping. You get to have a beautiful landscape that is not hard to maintain and can help you lower energy bills and increase your savings with green landscaping.

Organic Catering

During special events such as birthdays, weddings, or even corporate events, you often need caterers to feed your guests with tasty food and drinks. An organic catering company can serve you with delicious meals made from free-range meats, organic ingredients, vegan and even other meal options that health enthusiasts would drool over. So, on your next party or business luncheon, consider organic catering to ensure you and your guests are served with only the freshest and most organic meals.

Eco-friendly Housekeeping Services

For people who need help in keeping their homes or offices clean, green housekeeping services are what you need. All of the cleaning products they will use are safe, natural and eco-friendly. From a light dusting to extreme cleaning chores, you can expect expert cleaning without producing harmful wastes.

Eco-friendly options are now made available in the market. We can now enjoy a wide range of services offered by eco-conscious businesses who share the same love and passion for protecting and preserving Earth.