53 Tips - How To Promote Your Blog And Increase Your Blog Traffic

53 tips for sharing your blog

Making your blog known, despite fierce competition, is not as difficult as you think.

And you, beloved little readers full of big dreams, do you want this blog commented by someone other than your tata Josette?

This blog recognized, full of targeted traffic, readers eager to read your thoughts and advice, you want it?

(There you shout YES like a delirious crowd).

You are aware that you are about to read 5700 words of advice in pure carat gold, stamped Contentologue, and that, therefore, you should go and prepare a little tea or coffee to calm down for half an hour high satisfaction?

Well, then, here we go: here are 53 techniques to publicize your blog.

53 tips for sharing your blog

How to make your blog known:

How to make your blog known: Summary

  1. Put yourself on a competitive niche
  2. Solve a major problem
  3. Publish to others
  4. Write long articles
  5. Write articles with high added value
  6. Post on social networks
  7. Quote other influential bloggers
  8. Propose sharing on his articles
  9. Conduct a market study
  10. Make yourself known to other bloggers
  11. Request a participation from another blogger
  12. Interview someone known
  13. Watch for dead links
  14. Referencing your blog: embedding yourself in other articles
  15. Meet the bloggers in real life
  16. Organize conferences on your theme
  17. Post value-added comments
  18. Integrate your keywords
  19. Advertise Facebook
  20. Create pictures of hooks
  21. Treat your friends as friends
  22. Create a bait and a newsletter
  23. Storytelling
  24. Look for the right title
  25. Make discover his blog thanks to an infographic
  26. Make a fun video
  27. Composing a slide
  28. Be present on social networks and maintain interaction
  29. Exhibit new ideas
  30. Deal with a controversial topic
  31. Start a discussion with someone
  32. Set up an affiliation
  33. Ask questions to his networks
  34. Develop a quiz
  35. Create partnerships
  36. Make a character
  37. Build a nice blog
  38. Register in good directories
  39. Participate in an article carnival
  40. Ask for sharing in the bait
  41. Join the team of a community blog
  42. Post on forums
  43. Use cinemagraphs
  44. Make a good to-do list
  45. Solve people’s problems
  46. Choose the right schedules
  47. Publish on Pulse, the Linkedin article function
  48. Be a little crazy
  49. Distribute business cards
  50. Organize a contest
  51. Talk about your blog the right way
  52. Use humor in your writings
  53. Use Click to Tweet

How to make your blog known: in brief

  • Communicate with other bloggers, introduce them to your blog and make themselves known to them.
  • You have to try to get links to your blog, from more influential blog posts and networks.
  • Take great care of the quality of your items and the real added value of them. They must respond as best as possible to your reader’s problem.
  • Try to be fun, original, and test all the tools and news to make your blog more easily known.
  • Express yourself with lightness and humor: needless to be too formal. This is a blog, not a cover letter!

1. Make your blog known: Put yourself on a competitive niche

You may think that you have to find a subject that nobody has dealt with yet, so that you can be the first on the sector. Bad idea. If your blog title looks like a thesis topic in political science, it’s grated. Nobody will read you. If a competitive niche is, it’s because it’s popular.

You can not create popularity, you must address an already popular theme from an original angle. Just doing better than your competitors will already make you special.

2. Solve a hot problem

In the logic of the popular theme, look for a common problem in the area you have chosen, and try to solve it. People do not get tired of reading new solutions to problems they have. A new approach, a more qualitative treatment, big research, will allow you to distinguish yourself from the old articles on the subject.

That’s what I did with my article that explains how to reference your blog: 7 steps to seduce Google.

3. Make your blog known: Publish to others

Making yourself known by posting on your own blog is a bit like singing your opera tunes in the shower. You will sing divinely, no one will hear you (except your swollen neighbors). So, to launch his blog, you publish in others. And not just any other: others known.

You start by writing a post that debunks. Then, you send the link to an influential blogger: be nice, polite, make some compliments (if you really like the content it will feel in your remarks …) and propose your content with high added value for his blog. Remember that this is an exchange: the blogger does not advertise you by generosity. You must provide him with content that will attract readers. Any regular blogger will be attracted to free, high-value content to enrich his blog.

Attention, it is necessary that your content is really qualitative and original, and corresponds to the editorial line of the blog in question.

4. Write long articles

It’s better to write one article a month and work on it rather than publish 200-word content every day.

“Yes, Neil Patel, he does it and he’s still popular,” said the shameless blogger.

Ok. So, I correct: Except if you are already famous, in which case even if you wrote “pooch” on Twitter, you would be shared thousands of times, you have to write long articles.


  • Because the very long articles go back in the 1st results (to see in Snippet featured )
  • Because a longer article is richer, and brings more information
  • Because a long article makes it possible to keep your readers for a long time on your pages (Y has a good search engine yum yum).

To learn more about writing articles that tear their little granny up: How to write a remarkable blog post

5. Write high value-added articles

If everyone has already said this thing a thousand times, and in addition you write it with the verve of a history-geo depressive professor, not your article has no added value.

Be generous: your articles should tell everything, explain everything, correctly, patiently. It is necessary to research, on other blogs and in books, including in the English-speaking web, much richer and more competitive, and therefore constantly in the bidding of quality.

Do not be stingy! The time spent doing your research and writing will be 1000 times rewarded by the sale of your products. You create trust capital (I feel like I’m talking like a banker), and it attracts people.

6. Post on social networks

Facebook is unavoidable. Create a profile (and one more page if you wish), and ask friends who can read you. Adding a friend is much easier than trying to be likable. For the same result: when you post, you go back in the timeline. Put your profile in public mode, this is a page much more likely to generate traffic. And psychologically, people prefer to have to do to the person, rather than to a website.

Post also on Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and if you have visual content, Pinterest and Instagram.

To go further: Automatically share articles on social networks

7. Quote others

And again, not just any others. Cite influential bloggers who discuss a topic related to your article. Make them a nice, optimized link and contact them after posting your article. Linkez to an article to them, not their home page, so they will first receive a ping notification (if they allowed ping, but it’s often the case), and write them a little word like :

Hello Jean-Gérard,

I just wrote an article on my blog Tips of big malignant in which I quote you: How to distinguish the strawberries of the woods of tagadas strawberries. I wanted to quote you because I appreciate the quality of your articles, and your infographic “Recognize the colors easily” seemed very timely. Would you like to share it on your social networks?

I continue to read you,


8. Propose sharing on his articles

Installing a sharing plugin to different social networks is imperative. There are a lot of them for WordPress. Be careful, the vertical partition bars on the side are not very visible. It is better to bet on buttons at the beginning and end of the article.

Here is a list of 5 free sharing plugins for WordPress:

9. Make a market study

Before launching your blog, it is strategic to personally contact a number of prospects by email, asking them “What is the major problem you encounter with [the subject of your blog]?”.

In your email, you present your blog page “coming soon”, or if you have already launched your blog, the address of your blog (yeah). To those who respond, give an answer or answer to their problem. Tell them that they will know a lot more when the blog is launched. Suggest that you also subscribe to your newsletter, participate in your contest, or any other pre-launch strategy.

Thus, you start your blog with a base of hyper-targeted prospects, already loyal, and even topics of articles.

10. Introduce yourself to influential bloggers

Above all, consider your competitors as your network.

Everyone loves to receive a nice e-mail and receive positive feedback on their work. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to them by writing a small email, in which you tell them what you like in their blog, then a link to yours. Do not ask anything. Assume that if you have nothing to offer in exchange, it is very hard to solicit people who do not know you. (Do you see the feeling you have when you come ringing at your door to sell you a bultex mattress?

On the other hand, everyone is embroiled in the same galley, and, apart from the bloggers hyper snobs, all remember their beginnings and know very well how difficult it is to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Some will not hesitate to tweet to help you, or to follow you, to comment, etc.

11. Request a participation from a big blogger

Do you start having some content on your blog, and you want to benefit from the skills and visibility of recognized bloggers? Ask them to participate in an expert article.

Ask them a simple question, for example:

What is your secret ingredient for having a beautiful skin?

And create an article 20 stars of the beauty blogosphere reveal you their secret ingredient to have a beautiful skin.

Make the buzz. (And reapply step 7)

12. Interview someone known

People love to be interviewed. “Me, my life, my work”: it’s human.

Contact the person by mail, mail, or phone. To not look like a robot paid by his company (Hi-we-are-keen-interested-by-your-blog-and-we-would-you-interviewer-for-our-article-interview- of-someone-beep-beep-beep), especially show him that you know her, as well as her productions.

Do you interview someone on his book? To have read it is the least of things. Read other interviews of this person and quote his words: “I know that you spent your childhood in Brittany, and I have some questions on the subject …”

13. Watch for dead links

Like the vulture in the plains of Kansas, look for the deceased links in the articles of your favorite bloggers, and contact them to signify on the one hand the death of their bond (solemn compassion), on the other hand to propose to them the replace with your own (opportunism undertaker type).

For Dummies in SEO: A link is dead when it is no longer functional. Your blogger has created an article in which he is linking to another article. But it has disappeared (change of address, dead blog, URL modified, etc.). So the link is called “dead”.

A great tool for checking dead links on a site: Broken link check

14. To better reference your blog, Make yourself more
Can you solve the following problem?

On the 2nd floor of a building, a teuf is in full swing. Unfortunately, you have not been invited and do not know anyone. You have a sentence to scream at the window for the guests to let you in:

Answer A: Hey, would not it be nice to let me in, because I’m so cool?

Answer B: Hey, I have vodka.

(Solution below)

To become embedded in a blog post is the same thing. Look for what the item does not have and what you own, and suggest that you add your link.

15. Meet the bloggers in real life

A plane, train, metro or flixbus hit, and you’ll have a drink with your beloved influential blogger. Pay the first tour eh. Prepare anyway some things to say to him: questions certainly, but especially information. Because the blogger, he works, and if when he relaxes to have a drink, it’s still working …

Once a blogger contacted me asking me if I would be ready to go for a drink to talk about his project. Death of Lol. Do not do that. Give before taking.

16. Make your blog known: Organizing conferences

A meet-up, a workshop in a co-working space, or even a big conference organized with more influential bloggers: the free conferences bring you a pack of prospects.

Your intervention should be as qualitative as one of your articles. And above all, do not forget to introduce yourself at the beginning, with the name of your blog projected on the screen, then at the end, to distribute your small cards. Stay quietly chatting for a drink at the end.

17. Post value-added comments

Post good comments (on good blogs), which bring a reflection, raise a controversy, or ask an interesting question can bring you a lot of visitors.

The optimal comment is posted first (if the comments are in chronological order) or last (if the comment is in anti-chronological order). To post a comment last, it is better not to wait 3 months, but rather 24h.

Do the watch with a Netvibes feed aggregator.

18. Integrate your keywords

Incorporating keywords into his articles gives them a boost in the engine results pages. Define what are the key competitive words and phrases on the subject you are dealing with, and look for their variants.

Here is a list of tools to search for keywords.

You can also use the Google suggests: make his blog known through google suggest

And related searches: associated researchesSave

Where to integrate his keywords:

  • In the title of the article
  • In subtitles
  • In the images (name of the image, title, alt and description)
  • In the body of the text
  • In the URL

Watch out for the keyword stuffing!

19. Make a Facebook ad

You have a little budget and want to launch your blog with great fanfare? Create a Facebook ad that will fit into your friends timeline. It will appear as a publication that they can comment and like.

It will optimize your advertising: text, image, link, description. Here is a complete tutorial on Facebook advertising.

20. Create hanging pictures

Whether in the body of the text, in opengraph for your networks, or in image to one of your article, an image that catches the eye will attract your readers.

This is what Anouk does on his Talented Girls blog.

Familiarizing yourself with Photoshop can be a plus, but if you do not know anything about it, you do not need to worry too much: a site like Canva allows you to create cool snack pictures. Attention to dimensions! They need to be tailored to each network you are targeting.

21. Treat your friends as friends

On Facebook, your friends are used to reading content from friends. So do not be shy, and stop expressing yourself as an accountant. Say hi or cuckoo, talk naturally. Imagine talking to a group of cousins (who like politeness though).

22. Create a bait and a newsletter

People love gifts. Offer them an e-book, a small training or a free tool in exchange for their subscription to your newsletter. You will attract readers to whom you will send your articles each time they go out.

Try to add value to your letters, like the one I send to my favorite readers (When you register, you have access to all old newsletters):

You can read here a great article by André de Traficmania that gives you examples of newsletters.

23. Do storytelling

The human brain is addicted to stories that arouse emotions and projections in it, and that it will associate with your content. Tell stories of your life, make allegories, use anecdotes that you have lived as parables …

But it’s not just your content that has to tell stories, but also your container! A presentation, a formatting, specific images, everything is matter to tell a story!

To learn more, read my guide in 3 parts: Learn Storytelling

24. Find the right title

What gives your readers above all the desire to read your article? His title. The title of your article contains a promise: that of solving a problem.

Finding the right title is an exact science. The most clicked titles are those that:

  • Contain numbers
  • Start with “How to”
  • Address the reader “Do … You will be …”

But if the clean and seductive title is an exact science, the brilliant title is an art. Work your titles conscientiously. The order of a single word can change everything. Look for synonyms, meaning, and again: storytelling.

That’s what I did with my article on the page about: The SEO title is “How to write a page about: the truth” and its title on the blog is “The big lie of the page” About “(Revelations!). Storytelling plays on the analogy to conspiracy theories, very popular on the web.

25. Make your blog known by an infographic

Infographics are still very shared on networks, including Pinterest. Popular because of their visual accessibility, the clarity of their message and the speed of their reading, infographics will bring you many visitors.

There are several tools that allow beginners to make infographics. Here are 3:


26. Make a fun video

To launch a buzz and attract visitors, nothing like a nice video that will make your blog known. Whatever your theme, there are many possibilities to create an attractive video.

Want to create a tutorial to learn how to build a hut? And if you put a grain of madness by incorporating animation? The smartphones of which today very good videos and there are tools of assembly very simple and free.

If you want to give yourself a little trouble and put your friends to good use, you could double the number of visitors to your blog! (And so to go from 3 to 6 !: p)

Of course, you’ll need to embed links to your video and description, and choose the right keywords for your title.

Here is an article to make good videos, and one to reference his videos on YouTube.

27. Composing a slide

Slide presentations, made with a tool like Powerpoint or Google Slides, allow you to attract readers. Between video and computer graphics, the slide showcases your ideas with simple images and text. The slide reads like a book, it engages the reader to scroll through the images to know the rest of the message.

This is why you will have to work on your transitions, and make you want to read more. For example, using questions: “Do you know why you are tired in the morning?” And staggering the answers, thanks to an encrypted list (1. Because you miss melatonin, 2 …), thanks to words of transition (On the one hand, then, but also …).

The Slideshare network will then allow you to attract new readers. Do not forget to give the link to your blog at the beginning and end of your presentation! See to put a signature link of each image, small: “This presentation was created by WeBringIdeas.com”

28. Be present and keep the interaction

It’s not about posting an article a day, but about maintaining interaction with your networks. Ask questions, share others’ articles, send emails, post comments. That we see you, everywhere, all the time (at least at the beginning, because no one will talk about you as much as yourself.) Little by little, the other blogs will quote you, your natural referencing will attract the sharing, and you You will not have to chant your name all the time, but at least the first year: be there.

29. Expose new ideas

Revolutionary ideas, visions for the future or new concepts are becoming more popular in their infancy. To spread your ideas while surfing the wave of these new trends, orient your articles in such a way as to diffuse them.

If for example, your blog deals with ecology, you will have a lot of new ideas to make known, as does for example Aline on his blog Healthy Consume, in his article that deals with the new trend of Slow Cosmetics.

30. Deal with a controversial topic

Do people argue regularly about a subject of your theme? And if you made the buzz by triggering the controversy? You will attract not only new readers, but also the esteem of people. Indeed, people who take a stand in a debate are considered more reliable than people who never get wet.

In addition, this will give you the opportunity to start conversations with influential people.

31. Are you arguing with someone

In the same logic, give the opportunity to a personality in the blogosphere to know you by challenging him on a controversial topic he has just treated. Be careful, it is not a question of taking out the big artillery, nor of attacking your interlocutor, but of giving him a different point of view, reasoned. Do not think that bloggers do not like being challenged, on the contrary. If your intervention is constructed, and not hurtful ( I think this, that, and no You’re a mentally retarded to say that ), you can only point out.

Use blog comments, or social networks, no matter how much you are seen and read.

32. Establish an affiliation

You want to distribute your product and make it known? Create an affiliate system and give other bloggers the opportunity to talk about you. Offer good compensation, at least 10% of your selling price.

Your product must be good, well presented, and you must give some dissemination tools, such as optimized banners and coupon codes.

Here is an excellent plugin to create an affiliate system on your WordPress blog: Affiliates Manager

33. Ask questions to his networks

People appreciate being asked their opinion. Regularly, ask them what they think of this or that subject. While keeping an eye on their needs, you allow them to express themselves and create a sense of trust and closeness.

34. Create a quiz

Set up a quiz is fun and generates a very large number of visits in record time. People spread the results to their network, creating a chain reaction (beware of the explosion of your bandwidth, it is really a very powerful traffic generation tool).

The disadvantage of this technique is that people will do the quiz without looking at the rest of your blog. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that they do not leave. Arrange for the results to contain a link to another article, and test the signup pop-up to the newsletter that opens before the person leaves the page (zero conversion at the opening of the page, because people want to do the quiz and that’s all).

A Quiz WordPress plugin: WP Quiz

A plugin to create an exit-intent pop-up: OptinMonster

35. Make a blog known by creating partnerships

Create an exclusive partnership with another blogger to allow you to increase your traffic. Do you create an e-book as a newsletter bait? And if you quote it in it? In exchange, he can quote you in his.

Or, as soon as it publishes to its networks, you also broadcast it. You comment at his place, and he comments at your place. You like his publications to make them go up and he does the same.

Attention, the exchange of links in blogroll is an obsolete practice. It significantly hinders SEO and is detected by Google as a technique blackhat. If someone quotes you in his links, thank him by sharing his articles to your networks, and commenting, etc. Do not do especially the exchange of the link that kills (death that kills).

36. Making a character

Part of the storytelling can come from your life-size avatar. What if you create an attractive character for your blog? Have fun and disguise yourself: it’s not you who keep the blog but Roger the show or Odette the star (What, they do not like my names of characters?)

It will be necessary to bet on beautiful photos and to take care of the role throughout the blog, but that can attract you a lot of interest and visitors.

Be careful, no existing character, like Mickey or Homer Simpson! Use your real face.🙂

37. Build a nice blog

Whether your design skills are level below the sea, or whether you’re an Illustrator ace, make sure your blog is fun to visit. For this you will need:

Use a beautiful theme, if not at least sober and professional.
Choose consistent colors.
Choose a nice font (sober) and a comfortable size for reading.
Make at least one correct and pro picture.
The different areas will have to be clearly delimited (the cluttered blogs do not want to search).
Did you know?
The red/yellow/green color scheme and the use of the Comic Sans ms font are now considered an offense, and are punishable by a € 150,000 fine and a 3-year prison sentence.

38. Sign up in good directories

It is always good to register in some well-optimized directories. Be sure to create for each one a unique description, long enough, with targeted keywords, and an optimized title. The good directories still raise the sites in 2017.

Here is a list of the best directories, regularly updated.

39. Participate in carnivals of articles

The article carnival works as follows: A blog host asks a number of bloggers to write an article on their own blog about a specific topic. Then, when everyone has written, he shares everything in an article. It is a bit the same principle as a grouping of words of experts, but it brings you a lot of SEO.

If you are a host, ask each blogger to specify, at the beginning of the article, that he wrote it as part of the carnival, with a link to your home (this is the goal for the host: to have connections).

If you are a participant, make sure that the link to your home is optimized and that the carnival will bring you traffic.

Some tips for proposing a carnival as a host:

  • Your blog must already be installed for at least several months, and have some visibility.
  • You must submit each article with an optimized excerpt (different from the beginning of the article on the blog of the participant, otherwise you are only a kind of feed aggregator), a see two good links to the blog and the article, or a link of the participant’s choice.
  • You must present the blogger with a small photo, which makes you want to go see the article.
  • You need to promote the article in a pro way to your networks, and let your participants know about it.

40. Ask for sharing in the bait

At the end of your e-book offered as a newsletter gift, offer your readers to thank you by posting a link to their networks, through links ready to share.

The ideal tool for this: Social Media Share Link Generator

41. Join the team of a community blog

Community blogSave

When I started Contentologue, and well before launching the blog, I made a request to Sylvain blog webmarketing-com.com to publish at home. It is a community blog with hundreds of participants, visited by many people.

So I created an article of 6000 words, to make me notice from the start: 27 Storytelling techniques to boost your writing. You think I took too much head for an article that is not paid, published on the blog of another?

The obtained results :

  • The article has been shared more than 6,000 times (since the blog has been redone recently, it no longer displays the correct share figures, but it is well 6000)
  • It is one of the 10 most visited articles of the whole site.
  • It is positioned 2nd on Google with the request “Storytelling”
  • It brought me thousands of visitors, and hundreds of subscribers to my newsletter.

Your theme surely has dedicated community blogs, do some research.

42. Post in forums

Your theme surely has a dedicated forum. Register, introduce yourself, participate. Put your link as a signature, and a reference website if the forum offers it.

As soon as you post, your site will be under the nose of your interlocutors.

43. Using cinemagraphs

It’s 🙂amazing how relaxing it is (Image from the Olybop blog)

Cinémagraph is the revival of the animated Gif. Hypnotizing and highly attractive image, it will allow you to both attract readers, but also to relax during reading, relaxing the look, and thus to make them stay longer on your articles.

And if you incorporate your titles and quotes articles?

To create cinémagraphs easily, follow the tutorial: How to make a Cinémagraph

44. Make yourself a to-do list

Bullet newspaperSave

Promoting your blog requires as much work as creating articles. So it’s rituals to put in place every day. Visit other people’s blogs, make friend requests, post a link, contact someone else.

Evernote seems to me an ideal tool for that, but you can also make a Bullet Journal. Moreover, Elodie explains how to create one, in 10 steps.

45. Solve people’s problems

Be the one you can not do without, the off-road expert who delivers the good word wherever he goes. In Facebook groups, on forums, in comments from other blogs: you respond generously to people’s problems. You help, it’s like that, it’s in your nature. And in your interest.

46. Make your blog known by choosing the right hours

Did you know that publishing on your networks at one time or another can dramatically change the impact of your publication? There are times when people are taffing, others where people eat, it happens incidentally to sleep.

The best niches for Facebook are often 11 am (we start to be lazy to work, we have a break), around 13h (before taking the job), and around 16h (afternoon tea). Google Plus is more of the morning, and Twitter has nothing against the evenings. But each target community can have their preferences. In short, do your tests!

47. Publish on Pulse

LinkedIn is a powerful sharing network. Publish to Pulse, the article platform of the site, will allow you to appear directly in the notifications of your network. You do not have to publish your entire article, an extract redirecting to the original is more than enough.

Go to the homepage, click on Write an article. Nothing’s easier!

48. Be a little crazy

You have energy, a lot of ideas, always pursuing the originality to make you notice? And if you use your creativity to publicize your blog?

Imagine that you have an artist blog: why not make a huge graffiti with the address of your blog? Or, organizer of events, why not create a flashmob to the colors of your blog?

Elo, wedding planner, explains how to organize a flashmob!

49. Distribute business cards

You always have your business cards stuck in your garter belt, and you launch them on your awesome visitors. Your business card must be original, and include at least your name, your logo and the URL of your blog.

50. Organize a contest

When there is something to gain, a person is more motivated by the action to be taken. Whether click on your link, submit a comment, post a tweet …

You can hold a contest to publicize your blog before it’s launched, and earn increments to your newsletter. Or to promote a new product, an article or to gain links.

You can organize it on social networks, in an article or someone else’s, depending on your needs. The goal is to get traffic.

Offer lots related to your blog!

For the launch of my first product, I created a contest with as a lot to win the free test of my coaching. I had someone to do the beta test, get a review for my sales page, and correct my mistakes.

51. Talk about your blog the right way

You should create and memorize a short sentence defining your blog.

Contentologist, a blog for web editors, and anyone who wants to live from their writings.

As soon as you are asked what you do in life, start by talking about your blog:

“I have a pro blog, Pepita, for women who want to become professional dancers. And if not, to live in the meantime I’m an accountant. “(And not the opposite!)

Talk about your blog, and if the person shows any interest, send him the address by SMS or mail (to chat is good too). If the person is really interested, give them your business card, take their name, and add it on your networks.

52. Using humor in his writings

People like to laugh, and that’s good, you have a license lol lol option.

No? It does not matter, learn How to be funny in writing.

53. Use Click to tweet

The Click to tweet sharing tool allows you to easily create links from a small quote in the heart of your article.

For example, if you want to say on Twitter that this article was a lot fun for you, click here.

And you, how do you make your blog known? Feel free to ask your questions comments, I will answer with great pleasure.