5 Types Of Corporate Videos Can Highlight Your Business In A Compelling Manner

Corporate videos have become quintessential for business because of their benefits galore. There are various kinds of corporate videos that solve different purposes and goals Which ones should you have?

Company Profile

How will you introduce yourself to someone who has never met you or heard about your company? Yes, the correct answer is a corporate video that talks about your company profile. It is an introductory video to give a real idea about your company and its vision. It is a great introductory video to show to your investors, clients, and employees. A corporate video production company can make your company’s profile by sharing CEO’s message in it. The duration of such videos can vary from 60 seconds to even 3 minutes depending upon the kind of message you want to send across. Just make sure you do not fail to capture the essence or purpose of making the video in the first place.

Explainer Video

These are the kind of videos that are created by corporate filmmakers to explain the products and services your company offers. Unlike commercial videos, the explainer videos focus on explaining how your product can be useful to the viewer focusing on the customer’s pain points and the solution you are providing. Such kind of videos if made interesting and eye-catching help you get engagement and eventually get you more sales. They are also a great strategy for marketing. So, the return of investment in making these videos is great.

Testimonials Videos

Testimonials videos are nothing but a montage of positive reviews from your happy and loyal customers. These kinds of non-commercial corporate videos help you instill trust in other potential customers when they see people who have used your product vouch for you. Such videos are a great tool for improving brand’s image. They are also any day better than written reviews as people can see a real face talking about your product, adding massive value to your business. If you have not got a testimonial video made yet, get a film production company do that.

Training Videos

Another kind of videos that fall under corporate videos you must have are training videos. Every company has a training and development department where they help employees in skill building and learning processes related to their job. Instead of going with boring and bland presentations, choose training videos for your seminars and corporate workshops. These videos are easy to grasp and help keep things interesting during the workshop. Plus, they have a better retention rate than presentation thus solving your main purpose. Hire a good corporate video production in Delhi to create apprehensible and interesting training videos for you.

Recruitment Videos

Another concept that has caught the trend are the recruitment videos. So, you want talented people to get on board. How do you lure them? Recruitment videos are one way to do it. Portray your office culture and a talented face from your company to feature in the video. Showcase how cool your office culture is and everything that you think will make people want to work in your company. These types of corporate videos are not only great content for LinkedIn but a great marketing strategy too.