5 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

You’re going to buy a new laptop and here are all the things you must keep in mind before ordering a laptop online or going to the outlet to see for yourself. Most probably, you already have one, and you are ready to upgrade from a smaller or slower one to the bigger screen or faster processor. Well, there are a hundred things to consider before buying it. From the very start you need to see the buyers trend of the market, and then further we need to go towards the laptops usage capacity and from what you are upgrading and what are the specs you need in the budget. For work, there is a complete upgradecriterion if you are going to buy one.

Gamers need heavier specs, graphics card upgradations, and faster SSD storage to meet their hardcore gaming needs. For work at home or office, laptop screens must be more prominent for multitasking and other stuff. The battery is most important of all of them; everyone needs bigger and long-lasting battery storage, RAM needs to be bigger for executing larger apps and games for graphics designers and gaming freaks.

5 most important considerations before buying a laptop

Here are the five most important considerations before buying a laptop.

Buy from What You Have:

Buying under the budget is important, if you are low on budget and the specs needed are higher than expected; try to cut down unessential points from your specs list until it gets near the range. If it still isn’t under control, try to earn more or buy a downgraded or used version for a while and upgrade later when you have the right budget. Don’t buy a $1000 laptop if you only have $600; if you have a job or business that covers a $400 gap in the next month, it’s not a problem at all, go for it or lower your expectations.

That’s What Gamers Upgrade for Graphics Card

Exclusively for gamers, you need to look for a graphics card first whenever buying a new laptop. Apart from SSD Storage and heavy RAM specs, it must be the first check on your list for a laptop buy. There are some great graphics cards to look for; the best ones are Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. Make them the priority; Otherwise, the built-in graphics cards are not so bad, they will do great if there’s not an option. Look for GPU memory along with RAM, see if they align in specs, if they are right, and buy the laptop.

Operating System

Upgrading a Windows to another with more massive specifications or switching to another OS just because the former does not fit your standards? Yes, Windows is the most popular and cost-effective OS for developers, gamers, and everyday users but Mac OS leaves everyone behind in speed and security; it outclasses almost all of them in both. If the former two are your priorities, go for Mac OS. Windows are a bit cheaper in price and quality in low-end laptop range; Mac OS retains its quality right from the bottom all the way to the top.

Battery Life

If you are running low on battery, all the glittery specs and high-end graphics cards are of no use. Buy the one that lasts more, anything more than 5 hours in battery backup is a high pick. If it says 8 hours, buy it right now. Talk it out with your online vendor or storekeeper about the battery; always buy a laptop that offers a guarantee for the battery life. Some high-end gaming laptops don’t last much; you have to adjust if you’re buying a too heavy gaming beast. If you are buying one from Amazon or eBay, buy the ones with at least 30-day battery protection warranty; look for the customer reviews on online stores about the battery backup and buy the one that has already satisfied the customers.

Screen Size Matters

Yes, it does. If you are using a standard notebook laptop for home or office use, try to buy a 15” or above for home or office as they are seldom carried from place to place, you can compromise for an added pound or two of weight. For movie lovers, big screen lappy is still a better choice; gaming kids may need a standard 13-14” to meet the needs, they prioritize speed in place of bigger screen size. For students, a mini laptop with 11-12” screen and lighter weight do great as they are cheaper and carried anywhere in small bags along with books.  For students, the lighter and detachable smart laptops are the best choice.