12 Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority (DA) Of Your Website Fast

Are you want to know the secrets to get rank your website for some specific keywords in Google’s top 10 SERP(Search Engine Result Page)? There are several factors that Google uses to decide which websites will show in the SERP. One of the factors is Domain Authority (DA). DA plays great importance over the years. Generally, Domain authority is a term used by SEO experts and digital marketers which is developed by Moz.

The good news is – you have visited the right website. Here I will explain the important factors to increase the domain authority.

Before 2017, we relied on the “PageRank” as an SEO metric, created while Larry and Sergey and we determined a websites’ strength and performance by PageRank metric. But now Google’s PageRank algorithm is no longer available. With changing in SEO algorithm, Domain authority becomes an important SEO metric and it has taken into consideration to calculate the search ranking.

If you have higher domain authority then it is more likely to get ranking in Google SERP and more better web traffic. Domain authority is an SEO metric to measure SEO performance of your website as well as the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.

If you want to increase your site’s domain authority overnight, then it is impossible. You need to follow some strategies and patience.


Before I explain how to boost the domain authority of a website let’s understand what is actually the domain authority.

What Is Domain Authority (DA) And Its Importance:

Domain Authority is an SEO metric, developed by Moz to evaluate the website’s strength and performance based on the link number and quality. By using this SEO metric we can decide “How strong are the backlinks to web pages in terms of helping the site to get rank for queries in Google SERP?”

Domain Authority scores are from 0 to 100. For a new website, the initial domain authority is 0. But some established sites such as Google, Wikipedia, twitter, facebook, their DA score is 100. DA score depends on the number of quality backlinks. If your website has a higher DA score then you will get higher rank and traffic as well.

If you have launched a new site then follow proper white hat SEO method to achieve the DA score automatically.

Remember that to get a high DA score is not so easy. If you have a low score then Google will consider that your site is inactive and drop rankings as well. To avoid low DA score you have to keep your site with fresh, high-quality contents.

How to find out the DA of a website?

  • Visit the website at Moz Link Explorer.
  • Enter your domain and click on Login or signup.
  • If you are existing user then login otherwise enter your details to signup.
  • After that look at the result.



What is page authority (PA)?

Page authority is also an SEO metric just similar to the domain authority. Page authority evaluates the strength of a specific page based on the number of quality links to that page that will help to rank queries in Google SERP.

Here are 12 strategies you should follow to increase the domain authority of your website:

1. Publish Quality Content regularly

You need to publish high-quality contents consistently to achieve a good DA score. It is always valuable if you have fresh interesting and informative contents on your website. Content is King. You should follow the 10 rules while writing quality content.

Content writing rules:

  1. The article should be more than 800 words.
  2. The topic should be very informative and interesting also.
  3. Write fresh unique contents. Don’t copy from anyone.
  4. Use infographics, GIFs, videos and other related images in the blog post.
  5. Write a quick summary and conclusion for the article.
  6. Avoid keyword stuffing. Don’t use the same words again and again. Use synonyms.
  7. Don’t go off topic and discuss unnecessary things to maintain the article length.
  8. Use heading tags, bold, italic, quotes, ordered list within the article.
  9. Use internal linking by suggesting your other related blog posts
  10. Don’t use lots of hyperlinks to prove you have high-quality content.

2. Work on Your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays an important role to move DA score from low to high. It includes some technical factors such as your meta title, description, image alt tags and the content itself.

You should check the following 10 factors before publishing the content:

  1. Heading tags – Use heading tags such as h1 for main headings, h2 for subheadings and h3 for sub subheadings etc to highlight the main points.
  2. Keyword density – It meaning the percentage of keyword stuffing. When writing the content use maximum 2% keyword density. Use synonym to avoid keyword stuffing.
  3. Proper permalink – Use keyword within permalink of your blog post.
  4. Meta title and description – Use focused keywords in meta title and description. Remember that the title should be attractive and keyword rich. Meta title should be 50-60 characters and meta description should be 150-160 characters.
  5. Image optimization – Use lossless images for your blog post. It means compress your images before uploading to your website. Use image ALT tags.
  6. XML sitemap – Register to Google webmaster tool and Google analytics. After that create an XML sitemap and submit it in Google webmaster tool.
  7. SSL certificate – You should use an SSL certificate for your website and redirect your website to https.
  8. structured data – Use structured data (schema markup). It helps search engines to understand the context of your content.
  9. Breadcrumb menu – Add breadcrumb menu bar above of all blog posts. It acts as a secondary navigation menu that reveals the user’s location on your website.
  10. txt – Check your robots.txt setting to make sure that Google to crawl your webpage without problems.

3. Build internal links intelligently

You can link Wikipedia which has 100 DA score in your content. Internal linking helps users to what they trying to find and it improves the user experience. You should link your older posts that are related to the current post within the content. SO that it will make your article more informative and captivating. Remember that the internal will be effective if they are dofollow links.

Here are the benefits of internal linking:

  1. Internal linking decreases the bounce rate.
  2. Increases the user experience.
  3. Helps users and search engines to navigate your website.
  4. Search engines can crawl your older posts easily.
  5. It helps in spreading link juice and boosts the page authority throughout your website.
  6. Add newly published blog posts and popular blog posts on the Sidebar.

4. Work on Your Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a technique to get backlinks for your website or blog post. This technique includes guest posting, social bookmarking, article submission, forum discussion, local citation etc.. Off-page optimization will help to boost your domain authority as well as improves the ranking.

After publishing the content you have to build some quality links from high authority website. You have to take care of 10 factors listed in below when building backlinks for your website:

  1. Get backlink from high authority websites.
  2. Backlinks should be from relevant websites.
  3. Don’t get backlinks from low-quality sites.
  4. Use Google Disavow tool to remove low quality or bad backlinks
  5. Participate in forum discussion and share your link.
  6. Regularly guests posts on popular websites. It will drive referral traffic.
  7. Get listed your business in top local business listing websites.
  8. Find broken links and replace these links with ones to your site.
  9. Build some quality links from high authority social bookmarking websites.
  10. Use your own images in your article instead of copyright images.

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5. Ensure updated sitemap regularly

The sitemap allows users and search engines to navigate your website quickly. Sitemap increases the user experience to find your most important pages. The updated sitemap helps to rank up your older posts in Google SERP, this drives more organic traffic and boosts the domain authority also. When you submit the updated XML sitemap in Google webmaster tool, Google will crawl the pages within the XML sitemap and index them to appear in SERP.

6. Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

I recommend guest posting. It is also known as guest blogging. It helps to drive referral traffic to your website and increase your website presence. So that you can get new readers for your website easily. It is a safe and more advantageous method to get backlink than blog commenting.

Guest posting is a popular link building strategy to get quality backlinks used by many webmasters. With the advantages, you can increase your websites DA score.

Before you selecting guest blog site you should check their website domain authority to avoid low-quality backlinks. Keep in mind that the guest blog site have a higher DA score than you and the guest blog should be your relevant niche.

When guest posting please look at the strategy 1 which explains Content writing rules. Don’t forget to add social media profiles in author bio when guest posting.

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7. Disavow Bad And Toxic Links

If you want to be successful, then quit all the bad habits of building low-quality backlinks without analyzing them. If you keep this habit then your site will be penalized. Toxic backlinks cause the rank fall as well as it decreases the domain authority.

Bad or toxic links increase your website’s spam score. You can get the information about your websites’ backlinks by using Moz Explorer or Semrush. So that you can determine the bad or toxic links easily. If you have backlinks from low-quality sites, you have to contact the website admin to add nofollow tag to devalue the link within their website. If they do not respond then use Google disavow tool to remove the toxic backlinks.

8. Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is very necessary to increase the DA score. Most users are accessing the website through mobile devices. So if you have a mobile-friendly website no doubt you can get positive user experience and increase your mobile search engine rankings. If not then users will leave your website since they realize that the website is not being properly displayed in their smartphone or tablet and it will hurt your mobile search engine rankings. So you will lose lots of visitors and it will increase your bounce rate.

You can find several online tools to check the mobile responsive. But I recommend to visit Mobile-Friendly Test by Google Developers page. This tool will analyze the website and let you know how mobile friendly your website is with the screenshot of your website.

9. Speed Up Your Website

Poor page loading will increase the bounce rate which affects your website ranking. According to a research in 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through smartphones and tablets. And in 2017, in Asia, there are 65.1% of mobile device users accessing the websites. If your website takes a too long time to load then users will leave the site if their patience wears out. The fast site loading speed not only help to increase rankings and DA score also helps to get leads, sales, and signups.

You can check the site loading speed with the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers. This tool not only analyzes your website but also gives the suggestions to improve your website’s loading speed.

There are lots of technical factors involved in page loading. If you are not a developer then you should hire a developer to fix this slow site loading speed. And if can’t afford to hire a web developer then check the following factors and try to fix these:

  1. If you are using WordPress then upgrade your WordPress version, theme, plugins to their latest version.
  2. Remove or disable unnecessary plugins.
  3. Contact with your web hosting provider to improve server’s performance. If necessary ask them to upgrade your server to a powerful server.
  4. Use w3total cache plugin
  5. Use lossless compresses images. If necessary use CDN for CSS, js, and images.
  6. Use YouTube as a streaming service

10. Stay Active On Social Media

Social media marketing is a big ranking factor. You need to share your blog posts on social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc to boost the social signals. Otherwise, you lose the social traffic to your website.

By sharing your blog post, users can share their comments, give likes and also follow you on social media. So that when you publish a post and share it on social media, followers can see the post in their news feed.

You should add social share buttons below your blog post. You can also add floating social share buttons on the side of your website. So that visitors can easily share your webpage with social media.

Make sure that you use Open Graph tags so that social media sites can crawl your website and generate previews for your content. This will help you to increase CTR and get social traffic without any additional effort.

Some social media sites have the option to schedule your post. This will save your time as well.

When sharing social media sites you should write less description about the post and use # hashtags and @ tags within the social media post.

11. Increase Publishing Frequency

Most new bloggers ask a question “How often should I publish blog posts?”. The answer is you should publish blog posts regularly. Regular blogging increases the DA score. Sometimes you see fluctuations in DA score. It is due to inconsistent blogging. To achieve a higher DA you should increase the blog publishing frequency. If you post more then no doubt you can get more traffic to your website.

Benefits of publishing consistently:

  1. Higher DA, search engine ranking, higher PA, higher revenue
  2. You can be able to increase interlinking in the blog posts
  3. You will get lots of social media shares
  4. Your writing skill must increase
  5. You can gain trust among readers

12. Keep Calm And Be Patient

If you are a new blogger and own a new site, then don’t panic. You should focus on the above strategies and build high-quality links for your website. It takes some time and patience to improve your website’s DA score. Let your website to get old. I am sure if you follow all these rules then you must increase your domain authority. Don’t forget to check your DA score using domain authority checker tool.

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If you find this post helpful then share this post with your friends and colleagues on social media. Please let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment below! Thanks for reading this post.