100 Ideas For A Home Based Business That Pay Up To $150000/Year

Ideas they say rule the world, but greater ideas dominate it. The world of entrepreneurship is fast growing, and the internet has become a motivating force behind this innovation hence the endless opportunity that springs up on a daily basis from the online community. Today, we are going to make an exhaustive list of some business ideas anybody can engage in while sitting comfortably in the comfort of his room.

Home based Business

Below are the 120 ideas for a Home-based Business

  1. Drop Shipping – this stated getting the relevance of recent. It has to do with getting a product from any E-commerce shop and start promoting while you rebrand your inventory. You can start by signing with any of the E-commerce shops like Amazon, or eBay.
  2. Web Design – this is a quite conventional; it has been practiced by a lot of webmasters for years now. This is a system where you design a web site and get paid at the end of the day. Depending on the class of the website designed, a good web designer can make as much as $200 for a site.
  3. Reselling – you can easily buy goods from shops like AliExpress at a very low price and resell it either through your site or in your local physical store. Reselling is a very lucrative enterprise to embark on, unlike the physical retailing store this is much easier to manage.
  4. Social Media Management – this is the process of managing a social media handle of either a company or an enterprise, after which you get paid either in weeks or month depending on the term of the contract.
  5. Social Media Marketing – we in a growing world where marketing has taken a new dimension, leveraging the social media one can get paid to promote a particular product or service and get paid aftermath.
  6. Social Media Analyst – these are the people who take data from company social media activities including Ad placements, and demystify it to the understanding of the common man. Just like Google Analytics analyst.
  7. Repair Service – one can source to become a repairer if he/she has the skill. It can be done through Fixlance; a freelance network meant for people with technical skills.
  8. Proofreading Service – you can proofread documents and get paid. Your clients are writers who after writing their manuscript might not have the time to proofread it, thereby sending it out to freelancers to help them on this. You find such services on Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.
  9. E-book Writing – you can write an eBook and get paid. All you need do is to sign up with platforms like Fiverr and specify your gig; individuals can earn as much as $550 weekly doing this.
  10. Logo Design – if you are good with Corel drew or Adobe Photoshop, then this is your kind of business. Sign up with available freelance platforms do the necessary optimization and you as good as earning $900 or more monthly.
  11. Blogging – this is the oldest work-from-platform, you can be an information merchant by writing on your favorite topics and allowing advert placements.
  12. Information Merchant – this happens when you sell information to either newspaper companies, magazine companies or any other media house.
  13. Writing Resume – a lot of corporate individuals don’t necessarily have the time to either update or write a CV; anybody can make money out of this by simply signing up with any of the freelance networks.
  14. Article Writing – just like information merchants, you can write on your favorite can still set paid for it. Sign up with any of the freelance platforms, and off you go.
  15. Product Sells – this happens when you design and publicize your product online, using your website or other e-commerce platforms like Amazon market place.
  16. Designing greeting cards – many people want a special way to appreciate their loved ones. Give them that beautiful tone by embedding the perfect words in a card.
  17. Kids Items – you be surprised how many kids will prefer demanding items from online platforms. Design kid’s toys and find a perfect marketing strategy to make it go viral. You be amazed at the response.
  18. Do It Yourself (DIY) – everybody needs a solution, make a video on how to solve a particular problem either on phone, computer e.t.c.
  19. Food Tutorials – if you like cooking, try to make a cooking tutorial. Make it go viral using any of the social media platforms like Pinterest.
  20. Ghostwriting – if you are good in writing, get paid writing on behalf of another professional writer.
  21. E-Painting – with the evolution of Photoshop, re-painting is gradually taking over the brush method of painting. If you are good in this art, take advantage of it.
  22. Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is the strategy most companies use to ensure more sales; they solicit with bloggers or social media influence with more followers and pay them a commission for each sale.
  23. Transcription – music reviews are done by promoting some unsigned artists on Slicethepie or music review platforms.
  24. VBlogging – this also called video blogging enables you to make and share videos while you make money off it.
  25. Mystery Shopper – give reviews on shops. To become a mystery shopper, you have to first sign up platforms like Market Force, Clickworker, and Mystery Dining.
  26. Sell pictures – you think you are good at photo shot? Make money from it by signing up Adobe stock.
  27. P2P lending – get commissions by lending out your own money. Sigh up with setters for more details.
  28. Storytelling – sell your story to any media house and make as much money as an article writer.
  29. Cryptocurrency – become bitcoin dealer, opens an account with any bitcoin agents and become a dealer.
  30. Property Agent – earn commissions selling properties online and getting a massive commission.
  31. Renting out your House – this is when you rent out your house for either for filming purposes or other entertainment means. Sign up with JJ Media to get going.
  32. Online Survey – get paid by using a product and then giving a review about it. You can start by signing up on inbox pounds, and Panel Opinion.
  33. Babysitting – if you love babies try signing up with Babysitting® to get a babysitting job.
  34. Business Coaching – you can become a business coach teaching what you love through wiring articles and making videos.
  35. SEO Consultant – if are knowledgeable with SEO matters, you can proceed by using either the social media platform or, signing up with any freelance platforms.
  36. Task manager – you can become a task manager if you are good in either cleaning, fixing broken items e.t.c. You can state by signing up with TaskRabbit or Zirtual.
  37. App Development – if you are into coding, we advise you take to developing apps for people and getting paid at the end.
  38. Instagram Consultant – as Instagram grows daily people take advantage of this to market their products, you can as well manage these accounts for others and get paid.
  39. Online Beading – do you like beads? Can you make one? Then you can use covert the art into money making venture by applying on the e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon market place.
  40. Selling Websites – can you design a site? One can actually design and sell the sight on maturity and still make cool cash out of it.
  41. Forex Trading – you can trade the foreign exchange market from the comfort of your room and still make a profit.
  42. Membership Site – you can make cash by opening a site and sell out membership for members.
  43. Blog Installation – you can make money installation plug-in on blogs, especially on WordPress blog that needs a lot of plug-ins.
  44. Software Development – just like the app development, you can get paid developing software that serves a particular purpose.
  45. Online Baking School – if you can bake then you won’t have a problem with teaching people how to bake online.
  46. Online Counseling – you can take to online counseling, advising people helping them solve their everyday problem while you still make a profit.
  47. Online keyboard Tutorials – you can start an online tutorial for those interested in learning the piano while charging for it.
  48. Online Legal Advice – you need to be a lawyer before doing this, give people legal advice while you charge them for it.
  49. Health Coach – you can start by opening a YouTube account and solve different health-related problems.
  50. Fitness Coach – you can become an online fitness coach by writing a blog article or making a video.
  51. Podcaster – become a podcaster and start selling ad spaces and sponsorship.
  52. T-shirt Designer – become an online T-shirt designer by designing T-short for other people while you get paid.
  53. Travel Consultant – help people facilitate their travel plan arrangement, by booking hotels, flight tickets, e.t.c and get paid.
  54. Web Content Writer – feed websites with interesting contents and get paid for doing so.
  55. Theme Developer – become a WordPress theme developer by designing a well-designed template and sells it off online.
  56. Online Research – become an online researcher by helping students, lecturers write on a particular subject topic.
  57. Ad Creator – become a video Ad creator by creating advert videos used on web pages.
  58. Online Newsletter – help companies and blog owners write weekly, monthly or annual newsletters and get paid.
  59. Lead Generation – create a lead generation service for clients by helping them generate leads. Or build huge mailing list by using online email extractor software to get leads.
  60. Online Bookkeeping – you can start up an online bookkeeping service creating a communication system that makes things easy.
  61. Visual Assistant – help businesses and professionals manage tasks on social media, emails e.t.c.
  62. Fashion Designer – you can state online fashion police, advice people on what to wear and how to wear.
  63. Cybersecurity Service – become a cybersecurity personal by protecting the client’s online data.
  64. Ethical Hacker – become an ethical hacker; help clients protect their online presence.
  65. Phone Critic – become a YouTube phone critic by reviewing and comparing phones.
  66. English Tutor – become a remote English tutor by making a video teaching the English language.
  67. SAT Tutor – you can become an exam tutor for major college exams; all you need do is to create an online video platform for it.
  68. Google Ad Consultant – you can become a Google ad campaign specialist by helping businesses launch their ads through the AdWords.
  69. Presentation Consultant – you can become a PowerPoint presentation expert by creating a perfect PowerPoint sideshow.
  70. Landing Page Expert – you can create a landing page for companies and businesses sitting at the comfort of your home.
  71. Interior Design – you can become a consultant by giving advice about interior decoration.
  72. Become a Seller on Etsy – if you are good at handicrafts, Etsy is the perfect place to monetize your handiwork.
  73. Outsourced Fiverr – if you are good at writing, you can be outsourced to help other Fiverr writers do the job while you get some percentage.
  74. Wedding Photographer – you can be hired as a photographer by displaying your previous jobs if it’s good, you are may be hired.
  75. Dating Consultant – you can become a dating consultant and advising people on relationship issues.
  76. Writing Fiction – you can be writing and publishing fiction stories and get paid for it.
  77. WordPress Expert – you can become a WordPress consultant, solving issues relating to WordPress blogs or site.
  78. Rent your Car – you can rent out your car using Apps like Turo and making extra cash for yourself.
  79. Catering Services – you can build your catering business by building a blog or launching a YouTube account.
  80. News Correspondent – there are many news platforms around; you can choose to become a new correspondent for any of them.
  81. Domains Resell – you can help webmasters get old and SEO friendly domain and make a lot of cash from it.
  82. Freelance Editing – you can be paid for editing some of the writer’s works and getting paid at the end of the day.
  83. Data Analysis – companies pay huge money to people who can work on their data and make it look presentable.
  84. Copywriter – you can be hired to write on FAQ, About Page, or blog post and can be paid on an hourly basis.
  85. Yoga Instructor – be part of world’s solution by providing yoga tutorials. You can create a membership section and make money from there.
  86. Translators – you can make money translating those languages you are fluent in. You start up by signing up with Flexjobs.
  87. Music Instructor – you can become a music instructor by signing up with any freelance platforms and can make $20 per hour.
  88. Online DJ – you can make money mixing sounds or making music online using any of the freelance platforms.
  89. Online Investment – you can invest your money in some online investments like CowryWise.
  90. Modeling – you can apply for a modeling job using the social platform because the more popular you are, the better.
  91. Computer Training Lessons – you can be like Codecademy® where people can sign up and learn new stuff about the computer.
  92. Making Jewelry – if you are good with making jewelry, you can start making one and sell it off on either Amazon or eBay.
  93. Online Daily Contribution – you can open a PiggyBank® account, connect it to your bank account and proceed to save some certain amount daily.
  94. Window Cleaning Service – you can start up a window cleaning service by advertising your services online using social media.
  95. Public Speaking – you can become a public speaker through the production of YouTube videos.
  96. Sell Handmade Clothing – you can make garments and sell them on e-commerce shops like Amazon.
  97. Dance Instructor – make videos teaching people how to dance while you make money from it.
  98. Makeup Artist – you can become a YouTube makeup artist; publish a video every week to keep your audience updated.
  99. Voice Over – if you are good at producing a comic voice, you can go ahead and sign up with any of the freelance platforms.
  100. Sell cars – you can be a car dealer by placing vehicles for sale on social media or e-commerce store.