10 Romantic And Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

No offense ladies but finding an impressive gift that can wow you is a very hard task that needs and extensive amount research to get it right. No matter the occasion, ladies always want new exciting stuff that is not common. Unlike us men who always appreciate romantic gifts for lovers, provided they are from the heart, women on the other hand want gifts that are unique believing that it shows how much you care for them. If you are puzzled with what to get your social woman on any occasion, here are 10 gift ideas to help us men with this gruesome task.


Number one on my list are romantic flowers. Since immemorial flowers are regarded as the best symbolic gift not only for the ladies but also for anyone who appreciate the natural beauty the earth offers. They are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. Flowers also help us express different emotions depending on what we are feeling at a given moment. You can show love, gratitude, sympathy, jubilation and many other feelings. If you want perfect flowers for her to show how much she means to you, the romantic red roses are perfect flowers for girlfriend as they portray deep love and passion.


To make you girlfriend’s heart skip a beat, surprise her with expensive jewellery. Make sure that the jewellery piece is authentic and not counter fit. Girls have an eye for jewellery and can tell whether it is authentic or not. I guess this is so, since it is a girl’s best friend. Whatever piece of jewellery you want to get her, ensure you first know her taste and style. If she is the wild type that prefers her jewellery popping and all over her skin, then a golden or silver necklace with matching earrings will do perfectly.


Another romantic gift that ladies adore is a teddy bear, they find them quite charming. A teddy bear keeps them warm at night when you are not there. They prefer big ones so if you want to give her another teddy bear for a gift ensure that it is bigger and cuter than the last one. Color is also important when opting for a teddy bear. Bright ones are the especially red, pink or white ones. No matter the romantic occasion she is celebrating, whether it is her birthday, wedding anniversary or a Valentines Day gift, a teddy bear gift will do the trick.


Women also love treasuring memorable photos that remind them of the awesome moments you have had together. A picture frame is a simple gift that can help conserve all these memories. These sentimental gifts are found in many gift stores and convenient shops in many different shapes, types and color so you are sure to find what she will like. For example a red heart shaped bag one will make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife. You can also personalize the gift by engraving her name on the frame.


Girls are not big fans of fancy gadgets but smartphones are exceptional. This gadget helps them get in touch with her close friends and loved ones and also listen to her favorite music as she does her morning workouts. She can also take picture and later print them in hard copy or share them with friends on the social media. With the Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones, she can listen to her classic tunes on weekend as she unwinds after a busy week. With new types of smartphones coming up everyday, get her the latest in the market to get the best out of this gadget.


Women love to look good both outside and inside. Getting her the best sexy lingerie to make her feel attractive and sexy. Although some women are not so comfortable with revealing under garments, there are some which cover the body well so depending on what she desires, you can always get something sexy for your woman. Color is not a big deal when choosing lovely lingerie and you can get her any color provided she is cool with the design.


Take your girl for a treat in a beauty spa to help her relax and smooth her skin. With an all the hassle of the week, her skin needs rejuvenation to make her look good and vibrant. This is a nice way to show her how much she means to you by making feel good. You order for service at her place or book an appointment at the best spa in your locality. This gift will surely impress her and give her an awesome feeling. Though it is a bit expensive, the gesture will remain in her heart forever.


Cakes are also awesome gifts for your special lady. Make it grand by getting her the loveliest cake of all.  You know what kind of cake she likes and you can personalize it by printing her photo on the cake. This great gift can be complemented with a nice romantic rose flowers from CosmeaGardens flower delivery. Cakes are also good for different occasions including graduations, birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions in her life.


Gift hampers offer you a great opportunity to gift your wife or girlfriend with a gift she likes. Since she likes taking care of her body and skin, beauty products are the best options for a gift hamper. You can order online and have it delivered to her workplace or home.


Another great gift that your girlfriend or wife will like is a cute pet provided that she doesn’t have allergies. Pets are adorable and can give them great company while you are away on official duties. Although taking care of them can be a handful, the fun they bring is in equal measure.