10 Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Website traffic is the most essential element to make money from your blog or website and we all know that SEO is the key element that improves the site optimization. We can say, SEO is not the universal solution to all questions. As I am a digital marketer I have seen many companies doing perfect SEO for their sites and still, they don’t bring traffic as well as revenue because their competitors are doing the same thing to optimize their websites. The competition is hard now. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing always change ranking positions and apply new algorithms to discover optimized websites and avoid tricky methods(blackhat methods). Apart from SEO, there are several ways to get traffic that are accidentally neglected by your competitors may open the new horizons for your website and give it a boost.

Have you ever thought about google.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com? How they get traffic? If you pay attention you will find that these sites get lots of direct traffic. As far as Google is concerned, it has 100% direct traffic. If your website has lots of direct traffic still you can make money from Adsense. But the question is how to get direct traffic on the blog?

I honestly say that I never do SEO for my website. You may say how you will get traffic to your website? The answer is simple. Take a look at the following points. I have applied these strategies for my blog to increase website traffic.

strategies for my blog to increase website traffic

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very popular way of traffic generation. It is a proven method to increase your online presence with people in the similar niche. It is a great technique to gain the popularity of your blog.

To start guest blogging firstly you have to find blogs of your niche. Because 50% of success depends on choosing the right blogs. Many blog owners don’t have sufficient time to publish blog posts regularly, so they eagerly accept guest posts if they find the articles are valuable for their blog.

Here are some simple search queries to find your niche related guest blogs.

  • site:domain.com “submit a guest post”
  • site:domain.com “write for us”
  • site:domain.com “submit your post”
  • site:domain.com “become a contributor”

The second task is to select high authority, rating, and high traffic blogs. In other words, you should choose the most popular and visited blogs according to the niche. You can find these sources from a guest blogging sites list.

You need to work harder for guest blogging. Because the standard of writing might be higher on a high authority blog. So give your best effort for guest blogging or guest posting to enjoy better branding and the subsequent results.

If you will establish relationship with the blog owner by providing interesting and informative contents then you may get a chance to become a regular contributor.

As you are a blog owner, offer guest blogging opportunity and get additional traffic from quality contents.

2. Blog Commenting (Wisely!)

We all know that blog commenting is the easiest way to get links and build relationship with other fellow bloggers. Most of the bloggers underestimate this technique because they think it takes too much time and delivers few results. Those who use this method regularly, they get lots of traffic that convert into clients.

Most people like to read comments after reading the blog post. So first you have to find the authority blogs in your niche. I recommend Buzzsumo and dropmylink. Just paste the keyword in the search box and discover the popular blog posts. After selecting the high authority blogs, join their email list. So that you will be notified as soon as a blog post is published. Read the article carefully and leave a thoughtful comment in that. The comment should be very unique and present a different point of view to the subject of the discussion and share some valuable information and suggest some solutions if necessary. Try to be the first commenter to get maximum results.

The common misconception is that bloggers put their website in the body of the comment. It is okay for Q&A sites such as Quora. But the majority of blogs ban such types of spam comments. You should put any internal website address of your relevant post in the comment form’s website field instead of your blog’s homepage. If people find the comment valuable and informative, they might want to click your website for more information and by doing this, you help them to land to another related page.

You have to remember that there are real people behind each blog. So the basic need is to never break the internet ethics. I find that most of the websites are using WordPress platform. And if you have signed up at gravatar.com and uploaded your photo then after approval of comment, the pic will show in your comment. Always upload your own picture and put original content in the comment area. These will add a few extra bonuses to your trust and credibility. Be cautious while commenting.

3. Forums & QA Sites

Sometimes people can’t find their solution when they search for on the internet. So such queries are left unaddressed and they find very little information about the query actually they are interested in. Most of the times after such searches people visit Q&A sites such as StackExchange, Quora, Answers.com or Yahoo answer and ask questions and get a comprehensive and detailed answer.

Forum is an old and well-known method to get traffic by writing compelling answers to users problems in your niche’s forums.

First, become an authority member by registering at some popular forum and question-answer sites. Then participate in discussions and contribute a practical solution to any problem. But remember that the answer should be at least 150 words long and valuable for readers. So that they might feel interesting to visit your profile and read more answers of yours. If you have any existing related post it will be better to mention that in your answer and directly send them to your site.

4. Social Media Promotion

How can we forget about social media promotion! Now social media is a new SEO technique. For many websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are the best drivers of social traffic.

This technique is very simple. Just create profiles in top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and optimize your profile with your website link to increase click-through. Share valuable, interesting and informative content on regular basis. You can also share others’ post along with yours. Join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and Google+ communities and share interesting blog posts with attractive writing.

When social media promotion one of the common mistakes is not engaging with their audience. Always reply to any comments or queries that are asked in your posts.

Don’t change your profile image because it will help you to create a brand identity in the minds of people. Analyze the different schedule of people across the globe and schedule your posts accordingly for better results.

5. Link To Other Websites In Your Posts

Find some important keywords from your blog post and search these on Google. Then go to 3rd or 4th page of Google SERP and link at least 2 or 3 sites in your post. But remember that the links are relevant because you should not forget about your readers. Wait some days. Otherwise, send them an email that you have linked their website in your post and request them to share the blog post and link back to you. They will notice of you when they do backlink analysis and share or tweet about your post. Some of them may even link back to you. This is the very simple way to get traffic.

6. Use Your Email Signature

People are lazy and don’t like to type your website in URL bar. So place your website link in your email signature. It will make easy for them. Make sure that you use hyperlink/anchor text on your website after your name in your signature. Create an email signature by using an email signature generator.

Create an email signature

7. Give opportunity to others to share articles

This strategy is just like the guest post. But the only difference is that you accept posts from others on your blog. Once the article is published both you and the publisher will start sharing that post to drive traffic. Also, request the publisher to link that article on his own blog. This is just like Power of TWO. That is the beauty of offering guest post opportunity.

8. Submit your blog post to Reddit

Reddit is just like a discussion forum. You have to spend time with SubReddits. If you think you will link your website with a comment to a couple of different SubReddits then it will not work. Because in Reddit, self-promotion is not allowed.

Participate in discussions on subreddits and comment a practical solution to any problem. As I told you self-promotion is not allowed on subreddits, you can still share your posts on your Reddit profile. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login to reddit.com
  2. Visit old reddit
  3. Click on “New Post”
  4. Select the type “text” and enter your blog post title in “title” field and description in “text” field.
  5. To make an anchor text on Reddit use [text](website link)
  6. Choose where to post as “Your profile“
  7. Then submit it.
  8. Then visit reddit.com again and check the submitted post in your profile.
  9. In this way you can also get a dofollow backlink. That’s all.

share your posts on your Reddit profile

If your comment looks best for a reader then they will visit your Reddit profile and may pay a visit at your Reddit profile posts. So that you can get traffic from Reddit in this simple way.

9. Pin Blog Posts on Pinterest

Pinterest is a grate tool for driving traffic to blogs. First, you have to create a Pinterest business account. Add a short description of who you are or what you do. Then verify or claim your own blog by putting an HTML meta code within your blog header section. After that create a few Pinterest boards. Add your interesting blog posts on Pinterest. Make sure that you have to add others pins along with yours. Follow some people in your niche. People also follow you and see your pins. Be active on Pinterest. In this way, you can get lots of traffic from Pinterest.

Pin Blog Posts on Pinterest

10. Index Your Blog Post After Publishing By using Google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tool

Search engines take time to crawl your new blog posts. So you need not to wait. For instant indexing on Google, goto your Google webmaster tool and click on “go to the old version”. Then put your website URL and fetch it. This method will take 1 minute to index your new blog post. Then your blog post will appear in the Google SERP. You can also use pingler.com, pingomatic.com, and pingfarm.com for fast indexing of your blog post. In this way, you can get organic traffic instantly.

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