Tips On Cleaning White High Gloss Kitchen

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Nothing is making us (women) happier than anything shining. You can have diamonds in your ring, or you just can have a white high gloss kitchens in your house. Talking about kitchen, a spilled drink, the left over food, the spilled over ingredients, sticky or smelly stuff, all are there. Having one of this type of kitchen is also taking you a high responsibility in maintaining. Cleaning is one of the very basic but significant thing to do. If you really eager, there are actually some secrets.


High Gloss Kitchens

For some not-really-annoying dirt, you can clean them with a cloth with warm water. Or you can use any bacterial spray or liquid to get over it. But, actually there are some tips you have to know.

Yes, you have to be very careful in cleaning this high gloss kitchen. You dont want to leave any scratch and making the shiny furnitures fade. All you need is a very soft and smooth colth or towel. Or, we suggest you to to use worn out sponge, you know that sponge with green scourer on the back side.

There is something else. You can still use your warm water and that dishcloth, but for getting the best result, you have to do it once a week. Just sink your cloth into the warm water with liquid soap and wash all the dirt. Rinse it then wipe it with dry cloth.


Imola anthracite high gloss kitchen

Last, always look where you put your stuff placement like toaster, kettel and anything with heat. When you are careless, you can ruin your high gloss kitchen. The heat will be a dangerous damage if you are not watching over it.
The other thing is, you can also ask your store to give you protective film for keeping in long term usage. Buy one or make it included when you plan your high gloss kitchens.

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