Replacing Tips for Broken Glass Coffee Table Tops

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Having a glass coffee table tops are modern, gorgeous but yet damaging. Somehow, the glasses are easily to be broken. When once it’s broken, do we have to throw it away? No no, dear, dont do that. You can reuse your broken coffee table again after viewing some conditions below.


Brentwood glass cofee table


Do you want to replace the broken glass with the new glass? Before you get one, make sure that there will be no damaging things that can ruin your coffee table anymore. Or you can get it more thick than your previous one. After that, tell the store what color you want and shape. Make sure that it will be more safe.


If you are tired of broken glasses then you can change the base board with wood. There are a lot of woods, we suggest you to choose veneer plywood with some wood panel in it. Rectangle, oval or round, every shape you can choose based on your table. Or if you cant find any plywood, you can use particle board then you can cover it with tablecloth.

Other Options

Or if those choices are not match with you, you can do something else. Choose stone, tile or mozaic tops to replace your broken glass. This can make your table look more magnificient and stylish. Choose a good stone like marble or granite, this will provide a good and rich vibe. Dont forget to consider the slab’s weight. Or you can also choose mosaic style board from tiles, stones or even glass. This will make your room more sophisticated.

Glass Coffee Table Tops

Glass Coffee Table Tops

So, dont need to worry! Reuse your broken glass coffee table tops and get your coffee table look like new!

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