Reasons to Choose iMattress King Koil Mattress

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With their motto, best in design and manufacturing, King Koil mattress have special place in people’s heart and in the marketing world. Nowadays, its mattresses are spread all over the world, specifically in more than 80 countries. Though, they are committed to settle in their quality and service, so you will not feet unsatisfied if you buy one.
The product we are going to review now is iMattress from King Koil. This is very recommended and beneficial. Here, we break down the reasons why you have to choose iMattress.

Comfort Solutions Mattress

Comfort Solutions Mattress

King Koil Beds Reviews

King Koil Beds Reviews

Cool Side

Do you suffer hot surface when you are sleeping? Actually, this is normal and happened to everyone. Though, it is a heaven feeling when you can sleep in a cool side of the bed. You get better sleep and nice dream. Though, some materials can’t provide this feature. That is why, it is a plus value to iMattress. It has cooled side of sleep to you. This is because the iFusion technology that can bring an optimal temperature so you won’t feel hot while sleeping.

Air Exchange

iMattress is different because the design is the reinvented one. This type are 12 times more breathable in the construction. So, it will have more air exchange from the standard mattress. This design will transfer the heat away from your body. This results in a way more comfortable sleeping experience.


For the series, there are 3 brilliant series. They are G series, Xs series and G series Premium. They each have excellent features. You can choose one based on what you need and your budget. Though, they all have good reviews from the customer and users. Also, the memory foam materials will support full your body. So, it will conform your body and also have long durability.

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