Make Your Own Shaker Cabinets Door

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Kitchen is women’s place. This is the area where women can make experiments and experiences by cooking or baking. That is why, having a cute and clean kitchen is a must for women. We also guess that women need to feel comfortable and enjoy in their kitchen, that is why, design and function are very important. Now we would like to invite you to make your own shaker cabinets door.





For making a good one, you only need some easy to find materials such as board (the measurement is in your choice), wood ( 2 long and 2 longer), nail, wood filler, sand and hammer., and of course door handler And here are the steps.

Measure how big the door based on your already-done cabinets. This will also lead you to measure the wood. 2 is longer than the other 2 wood. Then, place them on the board to make any design.

After that, connect its each corner and make sure you place them well. To make them stick, you can use wood filler and smoothen it with sand.

Prepare the nails. Make mitered cuts in the middle of the wood. Then make a mark. Ah so, you need a pencil to make a mark. Also make mark to where you want to put the door handler, nail it.

With hammer or nailer gun, nail in the exact point you’ve marked. But dont dent the wood.

Repeat the procedure all over the four woods. Then you can again add the wood filler. To make it smooth, use sand and rub it softly.

Then, add some sand and grainĀ  filler all over the wood and polish them well.

If you want to design and paint your cabinets door, then we suggest you to use primer spray like Rustoleum primer. Choose any color you like then spray fronts and back. Now you can use your shaker cabinets in your kitchen.
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