How to fit a 2 piece sectional sofa at home

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Choosing a right 2 piece sectional sofais never easy. This is not only about how big, what the color is or even the pattern. Somehow, you will face some things like you and your spouse never expect. You want this type, your spouse want the other. When one fits you, it doesnt even meet your spouse taste. Then how to deal with this?


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How to fit 2 piece sectional sofas

First, go online and search for some inspiration. This will help you two to build the same taste for your good sake. Make list of what kind of sofa you want to have. You can find it online easily nowadays.Furthermore, it will prevent you to buy a wrong and argue-able sofa. Then, after finding the right one, this is how you will measure how this sofa will fit in your room.

–          Measure

This is important since you just dont want your room look full with sofa. You need to think also about the coffe table, rugs and else. Then make a measuring plan and prepare the next steps.

–          Tape

After measuring, then you need to make a path with your measuring tape. Make a mark from each corner. This will help you to imagine which direction will be the best.

–          Rugs Mark

Then put the rugs on. It is better if you make mark with your measuring tape on your rugs. Since rugs will be great combination with your sofa. Dont forget to find the right pattern and color of rugs.

–          Finishing

After having a right masking tape plan, then all you need to do is put the sofa finally touch its land. Place it well as well as how you want it to be. Then, add a coffe table or else as you wish.

Finally, you have your 2 piece sectional sofa fit in your room. Enjoy!
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