Change Your Boring Dresser With Mirror

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Mirror is the stuff you need before you go outside the house, or maybe outside your own room. By standing in front of it, you can check whether your outfit is ready, whether you are ready to face the world. But, after time goes by, you are bored with your old dresser with mirror, you need to change it. You don’t need to buy the new one, all you need is time. Time to read this article and get the inspirations. Get ready to transform your old dresser?

– Fabric Magic

Add a colorful, ethnic or any style you want fabric to each sides of the drawers. This will make your dresser with mirror drawer look different and more you.

Black Dresser with Mirror

Black Dresser with Mirror

– Stenciled Letters

Do you want your room look more modern or like that one in Tumblr? You then can use stenciled letters with some words on it. Choose your favorite words, choose black paint and paint the drawer. You have your own Tumblr furniture now!

– Lamps

Hang some lamps in the mirror. Better if your mirror is in round shape, but rectangular shape is good also. These lamps will create a romantic atmosphere. Later, when you are out to date, you will feel more romantic.

– Flower

A natural behavior of women is to make up, to look beautiful. Then, why don’t we add natural touch to be near the mirror? Place a vase of flowers, choose a bright colors. This will bright up your day, increase your everyday mood.

– Unusual Handles

What kind of things you are into the most? Vintage, punk, retro or other random style? Use any unusual handles, then spray paint then. You can also use it in your mirror. Stick some cute, motivation stuff in your mirror. This will make your day. So, are you ready to giving up your boring dresser with mirror? Go for any inspiration and change it. Good luck!

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