10 Best Toddler Bunk Beds Ideas

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Toddlers love to play in their room. From studying to playing, bed room is their favorit place.Also, this is the place where they can explore what they want or what you want. For parents, choosing and designing toddler bunk beds is entertaining. They can put cute to smart theme to their toddler bed room. So, are you planing to design one?

Fresh Green

Need to cheer up and fresh the room, you can paint the wall with green. This will pop up the energy through the color. Then you can match it with bright blue or red for the blankets and pillow.

Cloudy White

Shape the bunk bed to a cloud shape. Then paint the bunk bed and wall with white. To make it look cloudy, you can use blue sky blanket or add some sky shaped wallpaper. So anytime your toddler enter their room, they feel like in the sky.

Bunk Bed with Crib Underneath

Bunk Bed with Crib Underneath

Cheap Toddler Bunk Beds

Cheap Toddler Bunk Beds

Natural Green

Paint the wall white, use leaf green pillow, blanket and some animal dolls. To make it look more natural, you can make a huge green lead painting on the wall. Choose wood colored bunk beds will also be good.

Woody Barn

This theme is totally different yet interesting. Build a wood barn in your toddler bed room. Add stair to the bunk bed upstairs. So, your kids will have their private and non-private space. They can sleep in the barn or play under the barn.

Pirate Deck

Make your toddler experience the pirate deck by playing their bunk bed with the pirate theme. Set up a level bunk bed and add railed loft. Then, place root ladder and pirate curtains. Also, add some pirate-themed accessories.

Car Inspiration

In their bunk bed, you can place a wood tire to each side of the bed. Paint it black so it will look more like tire. Paint the toddler bunk beds wood also with some stickers on it. Make your toddler race to their nice dream.

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